Bailey's Meats
by Gisby

A while ago, I made 'The Cowtown Chronicle' using a laser-cut building front, and craft sticks (AKA popsicle sticks) for the floor & walls.

Doug suggested that 'coffee stirrers' would be a more suitable material for construction, with the added (or main) advantage of being free at coffee shops.

Now, all my materials are free, since I scrounge them, but I thought I'd consider Doug's words. He is very old, and with age comes wisdom.

So I hauled out another building front.

I built the side walls by gluing coffee stirrers edge-to-edge onto a pair of stirrers defining the ends of the walls.

When the glue was dry, I trimmed the ends of the walls, flush with the end braces.

Then I drew a line from the top front corner of each wall to a point the height of the rear wall.

A stirrer was glued along this line and along the bottom, between the end braces. This both defined and strengthened the top edge which otherwise would have only been attached at the front brace.

When the glue was dry, I trimmed the wall tops, flush with the top brace.

A window opening was made in one wall, strengthened with interior braces.

I glued the walls to the front, and added top & bottom braces to the rear of the building.

I added upright braces to the back, and built the rear wall on these, with openings for the door and window. The sides were trimmed after the glue was dry.

A floor (made from craft sticks, ha-ha) was added for strength and stability, and a front walkway from coffee stirrers.

I added exterior framing to all doors, windows, and the false front, and a simple cornice to the top.

The awning is made from cardboard, and the roof from sintra. Both are painted to represent tar paper.

The lines on the false front are drawn with pencil.

I also made a corral for beeves from bamboo skewers.