Cheade's Seed & Feed
(Formerly Chuck's)
by Gisby

When I was 12 or so, I used to play Old West games with Airfix figures. I built Old West buildings from balsa sheet, scribing boards with a ballpoint pen.

Now, almost 50 years later, I still love building Old West buildings, with all the skills of a 12-year-old.

This building was just built on a whim: I wanted to make a building with a peaked roof, and with an added room off to one side.

The building is scratchbuilt, with a front window from a 'Candy Shop' toy. The window is perhaps better suited to a pharmacy or clothing store, but...

The walls are made from coffee stirrers, with bracing made from craft sticks. The floors are made from craft sticks, scored to look like narrower boards.

The doors and windows are framed with match sticks.

The front wall and sign are braced on the outside with wood from fireplace matches. All the walls were assembled and the building was glued atop the floor.

An opening was left in one wall for the add-on room, and all openings have bracing on the inside.

The board-and-batten awning was made from craft sticks and matches, and supported by more fireplace matches.

The walkways were made from coffee stirrers, and added after the building was essentially complete.

The roof is styrene sheet and matchsticks, painted to represent tar paper. It sits on the rear peak and a front support, and has a block to keep it from sliding out of position.