Ol' Doc Wilson's Office
by Gisby

Ol' Doc Wilson is the feller the townsfolk rely on to patch 'em up when the shooting is over.

He keeps his office on the edge of town: He figures there's less likelihood of random shots hitting his store of "medicinal" brandy.

This was my second attempt to build on the "Candy House." It uses the roof as supplied, and the floor with little modification.

I used the rear walk section to widen the front walk, removing the sides.

The walls are framed with popsicle sticks, and planked with coffee stirrers.

I strengthened the angles on the side walls with an edging of wood, otherwise they are held only in the centre, risking warping or loss of the boards.

The extensions on the corners and apexes of the end walls fit into the plastic roof, holding it in place.

The door and windows are framed with craft wood, and the door is on a wire hinge. The hitching post is made from bamboo skewer.

The signs are done with Photoshop, and advertise "Painless Dentistry - No Credit" "Discounts for Multiple Wounds" and the plaintive "Please Knock." (Doc Wilson doesn't like surprises: As a man of medicine he keeps what he calls his "sod off" shotgun loaded with nothing more deadly than rock salt.)

It's dedicated to BY JINGO's Patrick Wilson. A good friend, and a swell guy.

These are the photos from the original March 2000 article: A different camera makes a big difference.