The Golden Shower
by Gisby

Here I'm building the two-storey Hotel/Saloon from 'Products for Wargamers.' I've had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of their other kits: 'The Dressmaker's Shop' and 'Hamilton Hardware.'

It has the same qualities as their other kits: Well designed and laid out, perfect fit, lots of detail. Doors are designed to be cut open easily, but windows are solid.

The roof is impressively braced and can be made to be removeable, but with closed windows and no interior, there is little reason.

This particular kit has a lot of detail work, with a balcony, and a whole bunch of windows.

One caveat: the side walls will attch more than one way, so you can easily attach them upside down of you are not careful. If you do, your windows will be very poorly located. Be careful!

Of course I wanted interior access, so I had to make the roof loose, open the windows, and make an interior of some sort.

I opened the doors and windows using the etched locating lines on the walls.

The MDF is easy enough to cut, using a sharp x-acto blade, but with this many windows it is a bit of a pain. The frames cover any slight irregularities.

I left the swinging saloon doors in place, because they were so pretty, and left the open balcony doors in place, because they too were pretty.

The rear of the building looks a bit surprised....

I wanted a deeper sidewalk and balcony, so I had to replace those in the kit, and lengthen the side railings to fit.

There are a lot of windows in the kit, but except for the two by the swinging doors, they are all interchangeable. It does simplify assembly.

The upper floor is styrene sheet, with an eM-4 gaming piece as an easy handle to lift it out. The support is made from fireplace matches.

The interior floor is made from coffee stirrers.

All in all, this is a nice kit, and an impressive piece on the table without needing a huge footprint. It looks good assembled straight from the bag, and with very little effort it can be a centrepiece for your town.

Products for Wargamers