The Harness Shop
A simple design suitable for many light industries
by Gisby

The harness shop is where you go to get your harness & tack repaired or replaced.

A simple design suitable for many Old West light industries, with a change of signs it could belong to a mechanic, carpenter, wagon maker, etc.

This was my third attempt to build on the "Candy House," and perhaps the most successful, as it resembles the candy house least of all.

The roof was used with the sign removed, and the sidewalks were removed an all sides.

The wall locator groove was removed & filled on the floor-end below the door.

The uprights are made from popsicle sticks, and the walls are planked with coffee stirrers. Because the stirrers are thinner than popsicle sticks, I added strengtheners to the centre of the long walls.

The doors are hinged with wire, and are also made of coffee stirrers. The lintel of the door (into which the wire hinges are inserted, is of popsicle stick, reinforced with coffee stirrers.

The framing method can be seen in the interior shot.

The signs were made with Photoshop, and advertise "Horse for sale" and the prices of different feeds.

I'm pleased with the result, although it looks like our neighbor's old garage.

These are the photos from the original March 2000 article: A different camera makes a big difference.