The Grand Hotel
by Gisby

This is a laser-cut MDF kit from TTCombat. It's made for 'heroic' scaled miniatures, but works with other Old West buildings. It's made from 3mm MDF, and is a large, sturdy building.

Fit is excellent, and it's well-designed. There are no instructions, but really, none were needed.

Assembly was straightforward, and I followed the same methods as I always do.

Interior walls were sprayed white, as were the front walls, and the back and side exterior walls were sprayed black.

I masked off the doors and windows on the outer front, and spray painted the walls red.

All the trim was base-coated white, and brushed with ivory and white.

The interior floors were masked off and the floors and roof base-coated black.

Sidewalks and outer walls were drybrushed and not-so-drybrushed with dark greys and tans.

The roof had a notch in one corner to allow you to pry it off. I filled the notch and glued 'boxes' to the roof to act as handles. I also added a trapdoor for roof access, which upon reflection should have been behind the roof sign.

The back of the building is pretty featureless, not even a back door to get to the outhouses. (If I was doing it again, I would add a door at the back)

I'm not sure why they made it an L-shaped building, but I'm sorta glad they did, It's already pretty big. There's plenty of space in the 'L' for outbuildings, piles of empty barrels, etc.

It has two storeys, and is designed to allow access to the interior of the building. The various parts are held together with slots and tabs. At first they are very tight fits, but being MDF, repeated use loosens them up quickly.

The downside of this is that there are a lot of slots and tabs visible when the building is complete. They aren't awful, but I prefer to not have them.

I added trim made from coffee stirrers at the base of the front railings to cover the tabs there.

More trim was added at all the corners and along the roof edge to cover the joints or slots there.

The top floor has interior walls provided, and a beautiful staircase that you really never see. It's attached to the upper floor so it disappears when the ground floor is visible. The doors are scribed into the interior wall, but could easily be opened if you want.

Beds are provided for the hotel rooms.

The ground floor is an open expanse. You can add a stage, piano, whatever detail you want.

There is a bar and tables provided, and a bunch of odd square bottles.

I added extra framing to the front & sides of the sign, and board detail on the back.

The kit is well-engineered, well designed, and well-detailed. It was a joy to assemble.