The Land Office
by Gisby

Many scenarios can call for a Land Office: You need to get the deed before the baddie does, register the mine claim, etc. As it's also an assayer's office it's a good place to spot miners who've made a strike.

This was my first attempt to modify a Dollar Store 'Candy House'. These have plastic bases and roofs, with printed cardboard walls. They also have plastic windows and awnings that are useful for other projects.

I started by removing the walk from the sides and back of the base, using the rear walk to deepen the front.

The base has a slot for the cardboard 'Candy House' walls. In this slotI placed pairs of popsicle sticks upright at the corners.

The side walls were then planked with coffee stirrers. The uprights extend above the walls to lock the roof in place.

I left the front two uprights longer to support the false front.

The space between the window and door is an upright popsicle stick, providing strength and rigidity in what could have been a weak point on the model. It, and the rest of the front wall are planked with coffee stirrers.

The door and window are framed with craft picks. The framing adds more strength to the walls

I made the door from a tongue depressor, and hinged it with wire.

To strengthen the walls, I added popsicle stick bracing in the side wall centres, and the back of the false front, and used a tongue depressor to support the upper rear.

The roof needed the front eave removed to sit flush against the false front.

I primed the plastic base & roof. I painted the base grey, a raw umber to paint the roof $amp; trim, and gave the whole building a black/brown wash.

I created the sign and the 'Wanted' posters in photoshop. They feature myself and Chick Lewis, obvously a pair of real rogues.

The interior ain't pretty. But is probably as nice as many Western buildings!

The barrel is a turned wooden barrel from a craft store.

These are the photos from the original March 2000 article: A different camera makes a big difference.