Luta's Dance Hall
by Gisby

When a man comes in from the dusty prairie he knows what he wants. He wants to dance.....

eM-4 SaloonThis building is an unreleased resin model from eM-4, intended for their prepainted buildings range.

Doug was kind enough to grace me with an unpainted copy in kit form.

Designed by Mike McGraw (of Arnica Montana fame) it fits in perfectly in scale and style, both with that range and with Ertl's old 'Cow Town.

The building comes in 15 well-detailed parts:

  • 4 walls
  • 3 railings
  • 1 balcony floor
  • 1 sidewalk
  • 2 roof halves
  • 4 replacement doors

Detail was good and without bubbles, the parts were straight, and everything fit well. Two balcony supports were broken in transit, but they took glue well.

All assembly was done with Cyano adhesive.

The only filling done or needed was at the base of the balcony supports. I used Aves Apoxie Sculpt. This filled any slight gap, and provided extra strength to the joints.

I added a ground-level floor made from sintra, for added strength and stability, and braces to hold the roof sections.

I also added side and rear steps made from sintra.

Conversion from 0068 Female biker. Auto shotgunAlthough the windows are closed and the walls solid, I added braces to hold a second-level floor too.

I thought about opening the windows, but didn't know how thick/thin the panes were.

It could have been really easy or almost impossible, but I don't have enough experience with resin that I was willing to risk ruining the kit.

The extra doors were supplied to replace the cast in place doors should you want them open.

The two roof sections I received were identical, each having tile and skylight detail. They fit neatly, with no trimming.

The flat roof provides a stable firing platform for those occasions that you really need to provide cover fire.

The signs were printed on my computer, and the artwork was provided by a friendly dancing girl who had drawn a self-portrait on her wall.

I also made a new balcony floor from sintra, I forget why.

All in all, it's a beautiful piece, and a great centrepiece to any town layout.

GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! - What can I say? Luta likes girls, I guess....