The Marshal's Office
by Gisby

This is from Aetherworks Hobby Products in Australia, and was the first Aetherworks building I assembled: One Storey Brick Building SKU: AE20006.

Aetherworks Hobby Products
One Storey Brick Building
SKU: AE20006

The kit arrived as several sheets of MDF shrink-wrapped together with detailed, illustrated instructions, and pages suggesting ways to personalize the buildings. They are full of colour photos, and very well done.

The parts pop out of the frames with no difficulty, although some small pieces will need to be pushed out with a brush handle or similar. My fingers were too fat.

You'll wind up with a lot of little 'boxes' from the windows and slots, and I kept mine for various uses.

They are made from a heavier MDF than most companies use, are well detailed and engineered, and assemble easily straight from the box. They come with detailed floors, which gives them great rigidity.

The detail is crisp and clean, and not overdone.

Doors are NOT open, and are harder to open than others given the heavier material used.

I first added window and door frames made from matchsticks. (The recessed window and door frames are appropriate, but I like the look of the added frames.)

They weren't added to the barred windows in the back, as they would have been set in mortar, not wooden frames.

I also added board detail to the back of the upper hoarding, carving it with an xacto knife.

The inside walls were sprayed with white primer, and the brick surfaces with brown primer. The building front was masked and sprayed twice, being half brick and half white.

I didn't paint any of the 'wooden' parts, as I was going to use the MDF as the base wood colour. I think I was probably wrong.

Before assembly, I painted the front door and windows. and the upright trim pieces attached to the side walls. This is the fiddlyist bit of painting. I also painted the cornice pieces, and front horizontal trim piece. Painting them first makes it easier to have a neat paint job.

The brick and whitewashed areas were weathered with washes and drybrushing.

The four walls were glued together, and to the floor and walkway. When dry, the cornice and trim pieces were added. Assembly was simple enough that it about sums it up.

At this point, I filled the locating peg holes. Once dried, I sanded them down, and touched up and weathered the spots. The wooden uprights and trim piece at the back were painted to match the MDF colour. It would have been easier and more effective to just paint & weather all the wooden areas.

I just did a tarpaper roof. I painted it black, weathered it, and added matchsticks along the scribed lines on the pieces. (The roof comes as two pieces, 2 braces, and a ridge piece, to fill the gap between the sides.)

The sign is an Aetherworks etched sign, available separately. The kit comes with a blank sign, but my hand isn't that steady.

The cornice has very nice detail pieces. Trim pieces cover the edges between the brick and wooden areas, making for a neat look.

This is a first-class product, beautifully presented: Extensive colour instructions, suggestions for detailing, etc. Recommended.

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