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A building from
by Gisby

When Sarissa Precision started producing laser-cut Old West buildings, I knew I wanted to get some. They looked good in photos, and I just thought they were well done.

They first produced a number of flat-roofed buildings, in small and medium, with your choice of building fronts.

They also make several multi-storey buildings, with removeable storeys.

Sides are mix-and-match: You can to choose where windows go, and there are optional peaked-roof conversion packs. (With the original small buildings alone, and the peaked roof options, you can build 48 buildings, with no two the same)

Since then, they have expanded the range with 'Plus' and 'Heroic' sizes, to accomodate some of the larger ranges now available. (They have comparison photos on their site, and regardless of 'size' they all mix well.)

The buildings are cut from 2mm MDF and are pretty much foolproof: The only parts that don't have locator points are the frames, and they come pre-assembled.

All other pieces interlock, or are located with tabs.

In essence, the building has six pieces: A floor, four walls, and a roof. (The front & window frames come attached. This gives the doors & windows good depth.)

There are good instructions, although they are unneccessary: The four walls interlock, and fit into slots on the floor. The roof sits on top.

If you want, you don't even have to glue it together.

The floor and 1" deep sidewalk are a single piece, with boards etched into the surface. Because I like deeper sidewalks, I cut theirs off, and replaced it with one made of craft sticks.

The rest of the building was built as per instructions, except for the roof.

I removed the locator tab and filled the slot. I then made a frame to hold the roof in place.

I also added an awning made from craft sticks & fireplace matches. It hides the upper window detail, which is a shame, but I like awnings, and I wanted this building to look different..

The sign was printed using photoshop, and has the wooden boards printed as part of the design. (Of course I got the board spacing wrong, duh.)

I should have turned the building front top so there was board design on the back, as the design on the front is wasted under the sign.

For the photograph, I added a wood pile made of matchsticks, a ladder, some turned-wood craft barrels, and some bales cut from scrap wood.

It would have been easy enough to open the door with a sharp blade, although I chose not to.

If I hadn't modified the building, assembly would have taken about a minute, they go together that easily. The fit was perfect, and even I couldn't build it crooked.

When I ordered mine, I asked that they NOT assemble the frames. I felt it would be easier to paint them if they were loose.

It was... ...and I misaligned the front piece a tiny bit, proving that I can defeat foolproof design.

The buildings look great straight from the package, and require no painting at all. They provide a lot of scope for customisation, and look even better en masse.
Unit 4, Thorpes Road Ind. Estate, Heanor, Derbyshire, DE75 7EE, United Kingdom
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Although known for laser-cut 25/28mm Old West buildings, they have recently expanded to produce 15mm WW2 buildings, and 25/28mm Urban buildings suitable for Victorian to Modern.