Buck the Tiger
by Gisby

This is another conversion made using the same toy facade as in 'Ma's Lunch,' made because I found I had another one.

I proceeded as I had before, removing the side with a razor saw, and building a box on the rear of the facade.

The walls were made from styrene sheet, scored to represent boards. Interior floors and supports were positioned to line up with the existing platforms on the inside of the facade.

Because the facade was about an inch deep, the side walls had to continue the facade sides, and neither the roof nor the upper floor sections run the whole length of the building.

The added walls begin where the trim above the door ends.

The windows and doors were framed with styrene strip. The strip was also used to continue the trim at the top of the building and to frame the sign.

The roof was detailed with a trap door for access, and with a skylight.

Steps and the boardwalk were made from scribed styrene sheet.

The Faro game signs were found on the internet and printed on my computer.