The Tobacco Shop
by Gisby

This is the One Storey Building (Flat Roof), SKU: AE20008 from Aetherworks Hobby Products in Australia.

Aetherworks Hobby Products
One Storey Building (Flat Roof)
SKU: AE20008

Straight from the pack, it's a sweet little kit, and will build up quickly and easily into a useful piece of Old West scenery. It has only 8 pieces, and is an ideal first kit.

The kit arrived as several sheets of MDF shrink-wrapped together with detailed, illustrated instructions, and pages suggesting ways to personalize the buildings. They are full of colour photos, and very well done.

The parts pop out of the frames with no difficulty, leaving some parts with a fine 'web' that will need filing or sanding.

They are made from a heavier MDF than most companies use, are well detailed and engineered, and assemble easily straight from the box. They come with detailed floors, which gives them great rigidity. Doors, however are NOT open.

By the time I tackled this kit, I had a system in place. I first added window and door frames made from matchsticks, and carved board detail into the back of the upper hoarding.

The inside walls and building front were sprayed with white primer, and outer side and rear walls were sprayed with grey primer.

I painted the floor edges and walkways with a matching grey acrylic, being sure to not get any on the inside floor.

Before assembly, I painted the upright trim pieces attached to the side walls. I also painted the cornice piece, and front horizontal trim piece. Painting them first makes it easier to have a neat paint job.

For a change, I left the front door and window white, which may have been a mistake. I think it makes the front less interesting.

All outer walls and walkways were washed with black, and plain wooden areas were drybrushed with various greays and a tan shade. The white front was drybrushed with a titanium white.

The four walls were glued together, and to the floor and walkway. When dry, the cornice and trim pieces were added.

At this point, I filled the locating peg holes. Once dried, I sanded them down, and touched up and weathered the filled areas.

For such a simple building, I went with a simple tarpaper roof. I painted it black, weathered it, and added matchsticks along the scribed lines on the pieces.

The front sign was made in Photoshop and printed on my computer. The building came with a blank sign, but my hands aren't that steady.

In my wood parts box, I found a board-and-batten awning made for a different piece. It was the right width, so I added it flush to the trim, painted in the same manner as the bare wood areas of the kit.

The awning is made from craft sticks and matchsticks, and yes, it's a bit warped..

As always from Aetherworks: A first-class product, beautifully presented: Extensive colour instructions, suggestions for detailing, etc. Recommended.

Indian Chiefs and Medicine Men
Code: RAF06710The Cigar Store Indian is a chief from RAFM's 'Plains Indian Wars' range.

I modified him to hold a box of cigars, and tried to paint him like a wooden statue.

I used simple block colours, and washed him with black to bring out details.

He seems to look much like everything else I paint.

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