One of our Aliens is Missing
(Or The Alien, The Policeman & the Spaceship)
By Robin Dear

The Alien, The Abductee, The Hybrid and His Zombies
Lucas Heller
Lucas Heller is an alien/human hybrid in league with the "Greys". His bio-engineered mind and body have made him strong, quick & intelligent. Given these advantages he has risen to be a natural gang leader. Using his position he has managed to implant mind control chips into all other members of the gang. His objective is to escort Arch Controller Nibor to his ship and then escape. The zombies and Agent X are of no importance.
Type: Quality Action Points Wound Dice Attack Dice Rerolls Toughness
Hero Elite 8 3D8 2D8 5 11
Weapons Skills
Heavy Pistol
Flak Jacket
Nerves of Steel
Gutter Fighter

Arch-Controller Nibor
Type: Quality Action Points Rerolls Attack Dice Initiative Toughness*
Alien Veteran 6 1 2D8 1D8-1 10
Weapons Skills Close Combat
Blast Gun Non-Air Breathing Modifier Normal attack per round
Name: RoF Dam Point Short Long Points
Blast Gun 2 3D8 3 20 50 10
Non Air-Breathing Modifier: "Greys" cannot breath earth's atmosphere. Any wound score on these Aliens which is one below their Toughness, may destroy their breathing equipment; roll an additional D6 - 1-3 equipment destroyed, target is removed from play. 4-6 no effect

Agent X
One member of Police Squad Alpha 12 is an alien abductee who has been conditioned by the "Greys" to follow their orders. Known only as Agent X, it was he who informed Heller of the Law Enforcers' arrival. Before the start of the game the alien player may secretly chose one of the following officers as Agent X: Jurassik, Tiberius, Briggs or Johnson.

At the start of Police Squad Alpha 12's activation the alien player may decide to take control of Agent X, who is then activated first. Thereafter Agent X is treated as a separate single figure group under the control of the alien player.

The Zombies
Using his position as gang leader, Lucas has managed to implant all the members of his gang with alien mind control chips. These chips turn the wearers into a zombie like figures. Only able to obey the telepathic commands of their controllers. Under extreme stress the wearer can break free of the control of the chip but when this happens the chip activates a self-destruct mechanism which kills the wearer.

There are 3 Groups of 10 Zombies
Type: Quality Action Points Attack Dice Wound Dice Reaction Test Bonus Toughness
Zombie Average 5 2D6 2D6+1 +1 8
Weapons Special Rules
Medium Pistol & Knife
or Shotgun & Knife
Ignore panic reactions
Remove from play if given a rout reaction
Special Rules

Zombie groups do not operate like normal groups; they are mindless victims controlled by their masters. They do not suffer penalties for being out of group coherency. Zombie groups do not have leaders, they are controlled.

If a zombie is forced to take a Reaction test, the following modifiers apply:
-1 If engaged in close combat
-1 If more than 12cm from a controller
+1 If in base to base contact with a controller

Lucas Heller, Agent X (Once under Alien Control) and Arch Controller Nibor are the zombie controllers.

Zombies that start the turn within 12cm of Lucas Heller, Agent X (Once under Alien Control) or Arch Controller Nibor can be activated as normal and may perform any action the alien player chooses.

Zombies that start the turn more than 12cm from Lucas Heller, Agent X (Once under Alien Control) or Arch Controller Nibor will automatically move towards the nearest enemy figure and engage them in close combat. They cannot perform any other actions.

Zombies that start the turn more than 12cm from Lucas Heller, Agent X (Once under Alien Control) or Arch Controller Nibor may only use 4AP.

Lucas Heller & Gang

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