Simple changes can really alter the look of a figure.
For this conversion I started with the Female biker w/auto shotgun: I removed the fringes from her jacket and filed her slacks into bare legs. I added a pair of shorts from putty, added a tie for her halter top and drilled a tiny hole for her navel.

Base figure 0068

I wanted a female 'suit' so I took the figure down to basics, removing her backpack & kneepads. I then added a collar, tie, jacket & skirt from putty.

Base figure 0075

I treated this figure as I did the one above, but I only added a minidress instead of a full suit.

In both cases I used a black wash on the legs to simulate hose. It looks better in life than in the pictures, and I think I might have been happier with more opaque hosiery.

Base figure 0075

I removed the left arm & repositioned it, replaced the SMG with 2 pistols, and redid the beret & braids into a slicked-back hairstyle.

I think I would have done better with a more ambitious hairstyle, and again, opaque tights would be an improvement.

Base figure 0036

A simple conversion: I added a kilt & sporran to make a hulking Scottish Nationalist!

I think he needs a claymore in his left hand: A tam & beard would also not be out of place.

Base figure 0035

This was to be the bodyguard for a 'Johnny Memorex' scenario. I gave her a whip blade made from wire, a new pistol in her left hand, and a mail shirt from putty.

Base figure 0068

Another easy conversion. All that was done was to putty over her cutoffs and give her a miniskirt. Somehow she seems 'cheekier' than she did in the shorts, even though nothing extra has been exposed.

Base figure 0066
This female corporate has had her old hair removed, and longer hair added.

I considered a fuller hairstyle, similar to 0066 or 0068, but decided I wanted to show off her face.

Base figure 0070

This was rather more ambitious: I carved away the figure's heavy jacket and resculpted the chest and back.

I lengthened the hair, but don't really think it made a difference.

Base figure 0071

This was to be the Hero for a 'Demolition Guy' scenario.

I replaced the autocannon with a HEAVY pistol, and removed the helmet from under his arm. I added a beret from putty, and a club/stunstick made from a lead spear shaft.

Base figure 0049

This was to be the Sidekick for a 'Demolition Guy' scenario.

I removed the left arm & hand, resculpted the chest slightly, and added a spare arm from another figure.

Base figure 0052

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and have found some useful ideas.

Please feel free to send us pictures of your work, we'd like to see your conversions too!