by Doug Cowie

I prefer the figures-in-situ type of photo myself.

These are intended to be gaming type shots, my little Pentax doesn't have a close up lens for single figure shots.

The Gang gathers

The storage tank compound is owned buy a gang who keep their petrol/gasoline there and owes quite a bit to some tips I picked up from the Combat Zone mailing list.

The tanks are made from various tins and containers, dressed up with ladders, control panels, etc. The barricade at the gate is made from matchsticks and a bamboo skewer, but I think it's simple and effective.

The SWAT team closes in...

The walls surrounding the warehouse are the much maligned "walls-from-the-game" (ie the ones you get in the boxed set). They've been stuck to thick card and where there is a damaged section in the walls, I've just painted stonework on the backing card to simulate a rough and ready repair: The wire fences are fine mesh on cocktail sticks.

The SWAT team searches...

The factory is a 20mm scale model called the Stalingrad Factory by a US company called Wargames Ruins (if memory serves my correctly). It wasn't the best model to assemble (it was made in two halves to enable access for figures etc.) I found that to be a very unsatisfactory arrangement so I glued it all together and did the more conventional thing of having a lift-off roof. It looks quite nice now it's painted. I've given it a fenced yard and it's now the HQ of a bunch of smugglers. It was a big factory in 20mm but works fine as a warehouse in 25/8mm.


Extra cover and clutter is provided by various skips, skids, barrels, and drums, both home made and Ainsty Castings resin accessories.

All the figures shown are straight-from-stock em4 pre-painted miniatures. (I use them myself, and so should you!)

I hope you've found these photos interesting. I'm rather pleased with the results, as I haven't touched my little camera in many years! If you have any comments, I'd like to hear them.