Not all Savages sport mohawks and wear leather. I wanted a different sort of Bad Guy, and the Cartels seemed to suit my needs perfectly. They are cruel, savage and merciless, and get away from the 'Mad Max' style of game. They can provide foes or allies for any of the forces in Combat Zone.

The Drug Lord himself has long wavy hair, frosted blonde for a 'Californian' look. He is clean-shaven, and wears a white tropical suit.

Base figure 0054

Base figure 0058

Base figure 0056

His bodyguards have longer hair, worn slicked back or in a ponytail, and have moustaches as befits their 'macho' image. They also wear light-coloured tropical suits. (The suits seem a bit brighter in these pictures than in real life)

Base figure 0034

In the movies, the Drug Lord always has a beautiful girlfriend: She is either his unwilling captive, just waiting for a chance to betray her captor, or is in fact far more evil and merciless than he is. Whatever her role in the game, I felt she was needed on the table. I added a long skirt, slit to show a goodly amount of leg, and a tiny peasant top showing an equal amount of shoulder.

There will also be simple soldiers, thugs, or goons, guarding the crops or the Drug Lord's compound.

Base figure 0077

Base figure 0076

These were made by adding or replacing headgear with kerchiefs tied around the head.

Yet another soldier for the Drug Cartels, he has merely had his ear rings removed and hair added.

It was only when he was primed that I realised he'd make a fine 'Duke Nukem'.

Base figure 0076


Base figure 0057

Base figure 0055

The Yakuza are nothing if not businesslike: The only way to rell them from ordinary Japanese businessmen is their weaponry and of course the occasional missing pinky!


Base figure 0057

Base figure 0056

The Triads are trying to be businesslike, but their suits are less fashionable, and they are more likely to shave their heads or wear long queues. They can also be armed with swords, cleavers, and other martial-arts weapons.


Base figure 0054

OK, so they don't look like Rastafari: I needed a name for the Caribbean Connection, and it was as good as any.

The first of the two shown has dreadlocks and a goatee, and a brightly-coloured shirt and suit.

His companion wears another festive suit, but has his hair in a mild 'fro.

I suspect that my portrayal of these Island Gangstas owes as much to the Blaxploitation films of the 70's as to real life: Add some wide hats with feathers and some leopard-skin, and you'd have some fine 'Shaft'-era pimps. Perhaps that's my next project!

Base figure 0058

There are other groups that could be portrayed: The Russian Mafia (Ill-fitting suits and square haircuts) or any other criminal organization. The hard part is making them identifiable as whom they are supposed to be. I hope I've managed it here, and I invite you all to send in pictures of your Cartels.