New Arms for Combat Zone Plastic Miniatures

As I said, I never really gave the plastic figures a chance.

Although I really liked the concept, they just didn't inspire me. They were good enough figures, but they didn't provide the variety I wanted. As it turned out, I could have made variations easily enough, but I am just lazy.

I always felt that their greatest weakness was their weapons and arms. There was just not enough variety in them, and they were solid, inflexible units.

In a stroke of brilliance, em-4 has produced the first in a series of conversion packs with new weapons and arms for the plastic miniatures.

The first set is a set of 'Command' arms intended for the troopers: They work equally well on the gangers, and I am looking askance at some of my metal miniatures: These are really well sculpted arms, and turn the plastic miniatures from the CZ box set from an OK bunch of figures to a bunch of really nice figures.

All arms are separate, and can be combined as you wish. There are officers' arms with pistols & NCO's arms with HK MP5's. (I REALLY like the MP5's!)

There are pointing arms, and arms for shouting orders.

To add variety to your squad, there is a tech arm with a scanner/control unit, a grenade-throwing arm, and an arm toting a portable medikit.

All are well sculpted, proportioned and detailed, and the weapons are not monstrously huge.

Not suprisingly, they enhance the Gangers as well: The figure to the left is carrying the portable medikit.

I gave two angles of the figure below because the arms also eliminate the 'in-line' look often seen. The figures are far more '3-D'

Future releases will be shotguns, assault rifles, SMGs, and Ganger weapons. If they are of the same quality they will be very useful indeed!

They inspired me to work with the plastic figures, and I know I'll be doing a lot more with them when more sets appear.