Rescue Red
by Andy Davis

Red was the leader of the Zeebos - Until one of his own betrayed him to the Law. His posse was ambushed by the police: He was captured and put in the maximum security prison, "Lacjaw". The Zeebos are falling apart without their leader. The citizens are rejoicing and actually gaining, not losing faith in their police force.



Infiltrate the prison by going over the barbed wire fence or taking the gate house. Then you must rescue Zeebo from his cell and secure the rescue vehicle. Take him from his cell to the rescue vehicle and drive off the table to win.

Lacjaw Guards:

Prevent the Zeebo gang from rescuing Zeebo. Keep the enterances to the prison guarded or destroy the vehicle. Do not kill Red.

Victory Conditions:

Zeebo: If Red gets to the vehicle and drives beyond the fence Zeebo wins.

Lacjaw Guards:

If they prevent Red from escaping beyond the fence or if they destroy the vehicle they win. If you kill Red you lose he is too valuable to a up coming trial to kill.


The table should consist of a field with several obstacles on is including bushes, rocks, and trees. This is enclosed within a fence that is about 3x4 feet. The fence has one gate. Inside the fence are 3 buildings, a prison with no windows (about 18x24 inches), a 8 inch high gaurd tower, and a 6x6 inch gate house. Also by the gate is a APC which is the escape vehicle.

Set up:

Roll a d6 to see who sets up first; highest score chooses. Zeebo may set up any were out side the fence at least 6 inches away from it and 8 inches from the gate. Lacjaw may set up only inside of the prison building. The exceptions are that the Gate man must be in the gate house and one patrol or the warden is in the gaurd tower. Lacjaw may not move until Zeebo attemps to get past the fence.

Red is set up by Lacjaw. The Lacjaw player gets three pices of paper on one he writes "RED". He places these in three sperate cells. A Zeebo character may look in the cell for 1 AP and see if it reads "RED" if it does it is replaced with the Red miniature.

Special Rules:

* The perimeter is guarded by an 8 cm high barbed wire fence. It costs 5 AP to cross over it by hand. A 5 cm wide section can be destroyed if a figure is in base to base contact with it and can make a wound roll by paying 2 AP using their close combat wound dice and beat a 10.

* The perimeter has one gate which can be opened in the Gate House for 1 AP. Or is can be destroyed by shooting it. The gate has a thoughness of 11.

* The doors leading into the prison can be opened or closed for 3 AP due to their large and heavy construction.

* The cell doors can be unlocked from the control room if a Tech roll with a difficulty of ten is made. The doors can also be broken in. The cell doors have a toughness of 12. They only open from the outside.

* The traitor who ratted out Red is one of the Zeebos that are on the rescue mission today. Once during the game the Lacjaw player can elect any miniature that is not either a Hero or a Gang Leader and give him a rout reaction. This throws everyone off and as a result every miniature must perform a reaction test. If they fail to remove a panic reaction after one turn has gone by then it is removed automatically, but the 3 AP limitation still applies.

* The vehicle is operated by Robin Dear's rules. These can be found in the 'zine Combat Zone Chronicles 2. The vehicle counts as a wheeled APC.

* Red may not escape from a cell untill he is found and the door is broken in. To find red a figure must be in base contact with the cell door and pay 1 AP. If the slip of paper in the cell reads "RED" after being unfolded read is found.

Force Lists

Zeebo (Total points = 530):

All gangers and gang leaders are average quality, have ablitive armor and either a knife or club.

Gang 1 consists of:
1-Gang Leader with autoshootgun (34 pts)
3-Gangers with assult rifles and 1 grenade each (87 pts)
1-Tech (+1) with a machine pistol (23 pts)

Gang 2 consists of:
1-Gang Leader with assult rifle (44 pts)
3-Gangers with assult rifles and 1 grenade each (37 pts)
2-Gangers with shootguns (32 pts)

Gang 3 consists of:
1-Gang Leader with machine pistol (32 pts)
1-Ganger with a RPG and 4 grenades( 42 pts) *a RPG is treated as a missile launcher
1-Ganger with assult rifle (29 pts)
1-Tech (+1) with a heavy pistol (26 pts)

Tech(+1) Hero with a heavy pistol and axe and ablative armor (89 pts)

RED is a unarmored hero that costs 0 points

Lacjaw (Total points = 531):

Patrols 1 and 2 have average quality characters, flak jackets and a club or knife.

Patrol 3 has average quality troopers, flak jackets and swords.

Patrol 1:
1-Leader with assult rifle (37 pts)
1-Sub Leader with assult rifle (33 pts)
1-Trooper with auto cannon (46 pts)

Patrol 2:
1-Leader with assult rifle (37 pts)
1-Sub Leader with machine gun( 49 pts)
3-Troopers with assult rifles and 1 grenade each (96 pts)

Patrol 3:
1-Leader with heavy pistol (29 pts)
1-Sub Leader with shootgun (21 pts)

Elite Hero, with combat suit, assult rifle, and club

Gate Man:
Elite Hero, with flak jacket, heavy pistol, grenade, and sword