by Peter McDonald

The Story

The President of the Globatech Corporation was en-route to his fortified country estate when his Aerodyne developed turbine failure and crashed. The pilot sent a distress signal saying he was attempting an emergency landing. The Aerodyne's transponder activated on impact and a Globatech satellite has pinpointed the crash site. Data indicates that there were survivors. Unfortunately, the Aerodyne went down in a rugged terrain. It is feared that some of the gangs in the area may have seen the crash. It is possible that one of these gangs will try to capture the survivors to use as hostages. The President may have also been carrying sensitive documents in his attaché case.

Corporate Emergency Planning has dispatched Bravo 17, a specially trained five-man team. This team is equipped to operate in hostile territory for up to 7 days without any outside assistance.



The President (Hero)

4 Bodyguards (Elite)
*The Aircrew was killed in the crash.

Bravo 17 - Search and Recovery Team
5 Troopers (1 Leader,1 Subleader and 3 troopers)


"The Ghost Riders"

15 to 20 Gangers

"The Crimson Tigers"

15 to 20 Gangers


The President and his guards must continue north (the direction the aerodyne was flying) and reach the table edge to win.

Bravo 17 must find and protect the President and escort him off the North end of table. If the President is killed they must retrieve his attaché case and reach the North end of the table.

The Ghost Riders must capture the President and his attaché case. Then move him off the edge of the table from which they started.

The Crimson Tigers objectives are the same as the Ghost riders. But they must move the President to their respective table edge.


The president and his Bodyguards start the game at the wreckage of the Aerodyne. They must proceed to the north edge of the table to win. Bravo 17 Search & Recovery team are deployed on the fourth turn. They are not certain as to where the actual crash occurred. To simulate this a four-sided dice is rolled 1-North, 2-West, 3-South, and 4-East. The Bravo 17 starts at the table edge indicated by this dice roll. Using this same method deploys the Crimson Tigers and the Ghost Riders.

The Table and Terrain

The size of the table will have a significant effect on how the scenario plays out. On a smaller table, the game plays much quicker with bloodshed starting sooner. On a larger table it becomes a game of maneuvering and evasion. Whatever terrain you decide to use it should offer a variety of hiding places and obstacles for the players. This scenario has been played successfully in both urban and wilderness settings.