by Pete Garnham

We don't make them, and we can't sell them to you, but we thought you'd be interested anyway. Because we're good fellows, and generous to a fault...

Cold War Miniatures are a newcomer to the manufacturers stable, recently founded by Richard Dickens and employing the talents of a number of very capable sculptors, this Company looks certain to make it's mark. Richard, a model maker in the toy industry by trade, aims to fill the gap not covered by other ranges as well as producing figures and accessories that he himself would like to see on his gaming table.

Cold War's first range of miniatures certainly fulfils Richard's aims. Titled "The Dead will Walk", the initial release comprises eighteen 25/28mm "modern" zombies. These are well detailed castings representing all manner of "normal folk" turned "undead". Looking like extras from a George A. Romero film there are hospital patients, a doctor, a chef, a waitress, a US traffic cop, street people and a nurse, with a promise of more to follow.

Four of the eighteen figures have either one or two separate arms while the remainder are one piece castings. All of the arms accurately fitted the torsos, except for the "Autopsy Man" the arms for this figure fit high up on the shoulder and only have a small bearing surface. I tried both Araldite, a strong bond when it eventually hardens, and Superglue, a brittle bond but cures fast, but neither were really up to the job. Pinning is a possibility but the arm is quite thin so I'm not to sure that it would work.

All figures are separate from their base, and attach by means of a peg on the bottom of the foot. A lot of time and effort has gone into designing these scenic bases, there were nine different designs amongst the figures submitted for review, ranging from tiled floors to stepped pavements and gutters. The level of detail is impressive with discarded cans, litter, cups and even shoes sculpted onto some of the bases.

The figures are well animated, some with the outstretched arms and dragging foot stance characterised by many a zombie film. Some of the figures look quite normal until you look closer at the facial detail and realise that the empty eye sockets mean that all is not quite right.

The zombies are accurately scaled, a touch smaller and of slighter build than some I've seen but not everyone in life, or death, looks the same, perhaps partial decomposition has taken it's toll. "The Dead will Walk" will fit in nicely with other "Near Future" figures. Apart from the arms on "Autopsy Man" my only criticism of this exciting range is that some of the figures appear to be a little "flat" especially across the back. With a coat of paint however, it is hardly noticeable at all.

The range is cast in pewter and cost 1.20 each or 10 for 10, with P&P costs of 10% in the UK, 15% in Europe, and 20% for the rest of the world. This is a really great range of figures and I'll certainly be investing in some for my collection. I expect they will fill a variety of roles on the tabletop and see sterling service in RPGs, figure games and board games such as Twilight Creation's "Zombies", or "When Darkness Comes".

Available from:

Cold War Miniatures
44 Aldwyck Court
Hemel Hempstead
Herts, HP1 1SH