Bloodlust Fever
by Daniel Stevenson

The Corps has a new weapon to rid the streets of scum: A deadly new virus, known simply as Bloodlust.

Spread by infected blood or spittle, this virus only affects primates (i.e. humans, monkeys and apes) causing them to become rage-filled, frenzied killers. Thankfully the virus does not affect other animal groups or species, so there is no danger to future food supplies other than the infected people themselves.

Infected individuals lose all self-awareness: They cannot talk, use tools or weapons, recognize anyone or anything, or even feed themselves. Filled with rage and blood lust they simply 'switch off' and wander about or sit still in a zombie-like state, until something living catches their attention. (Noise, movement, and scent all attract their attention.) The 'Zombies' then turn into frenzied, hate-filled killing machines. Immune to psychological reactions and oblivious to pain, they will not cease their attacks until they (or their victim) are dead. Nothing else can stop them. Infected individuals will eventually simply starve to death.

The preferred way to stop a 'Zombie' is with a bullet. As their blood and fluids are highly infectious it is recommended that all personnel wear protective covering over eyes, mouth and the body when facing these creatures. NBC suits are recommended, but there is seldom a sufficient supply. Many troops will have to make do with a gasmask and gloves.

If a comrade is bitten by a plague “Zombie” it is recommended that he or she be killed immediately. The virus is fast acting and within a minute the victim will attack his former companions in a mindless rage.

From the second of infection your comrade is dead. It is best kill him or her to stop the virus spreading. All personnel in the combat zones must go through a strict de-contamination before being allowed to re-enter the Corps.

Virus Zombies Type: Infected Human
Quality: Average
Rerolls: 0
Attack Dice: 2D6+1
Initiative: D6+1
Toughness: 7
Wound Dice: 2D8
Attacks: 1
Points: 5 (+ armour if any.)


  • Virus zombies are treated as individuals, and are not subject to unit coherency rules.
  • They cannot open doors or use weapons/tools.
  • They may make bite/punch attacks only.
  • They have the 'smash door' skill.
  • Virus zombies are immune to reactions.
  • Zombies always charge into hand to hand combat and will move at run rate when they spot a target.
  • All wound rolls on zombies are subject to a -1 roll, to reflect their immunity to pain.

When wounded by a virus zombie roll D6. On a 5-6 the character is dead. 1-4 the victim contracts the virus, and will become filled with animal bloodlust within two turns. It will attack the nearest non-zombie. (NBC suits do not protect you from infection when YOU are wounded.)

Upon wounding a zombie in hand-to-hand combat, roll a D6. On a 6 blood from the zombie splashes into tester's face (or open wounds!) and he/she contracts the virus. Ignore this effect if the tester is wearing a gasmask or NBC suit.

Zombies may not be equipped with any equipment or weapons, and on a D6 roll of 6 may have primitive armour only. (Infected troopers will of course have the armour they were wearing when infected.)

The Scenario

The corps has infected some prisoners and has released them into the combat zones. Quickly the streets beyond the corps walls are filled with hyper violent, rage filled, blood crazed “zombies”. Corps security personnel are put on a high state of alert to keep the zombies out of the corps zones. They have orders to shoot on sight, and ask questions later. Extra sentry guns and robots have been drafted into action. In addition to these measures the Corps has laid mine fields all around the Corps Zones.

Out in the combat zones and non-corporate areas not all gangs have become infected. Some have boarded themselves into their strongholds and continually fight off the hordes of wandering zombies. However supplies are starting to run low and time is running out for these gangs.

A corps patrol has been sent out to check the locations of these strongholds. Sargeant Walker's squad is provided with an APC. The squad will be safe, provided they don’t leave the APC. The problems occur when the APC breaks down leaving the patrol stranded on the zombie filled streets. To add to the problems the Radio and satellite antennas have been ripped off by zombies attacking the APC. They cannot call for help and sit tight until rescue.

Now the 5 man patrol must slog it back to base, fighting off zombies as they go. As they turn into a street they see lots of zombies milling around. Can they make it through in one piece? Will Sergeant Walker live to see those useless tech’s pay for their mistake?

The table setup:

The table should be filled with typical CZ/near future terrain. Lots of cover and ruins. The squad may be placed at one end of the table. Zombies may be placed randomly on the table.

Special rules:

Both sides must be of equal points value.

Troopers can be bought from the corporate trooper squad lists on page 32 of the CZ rule book.

Zombies will activate when any troopers come within 20cm. The zombies will automatically charge.

When the first shot is fired, this will attract the attention of all the zombies and bring them running. Zombies will always take the shortest route to their prey this includes running through plate glass windows.

The Zombie player may choose to hide up to 30% of their force. The hiding places must be marked on a map before the game starts.

Victory conditions:

The trooper must get at least two troopers off the opposite table edge.
The Zombie player must kill or infect all the troopers.

A partial victory goes to the trooper player if they only get one squad member off the table.

A partial victory goes to the Zombie player if they kill or infect only four or more troopers.


The trooper player must try to move as quickly as possible without alerting a zombie. Once spotted or you fire a shot, you better move quickly and keep pouring fire into the zombies. You cannot allow them to get too close. If you can get into a defensive position and let the zombies come to you. Ensure the position has a good killing ground or you are going to be foaming at the mouth before long.

The Zombie player should deploy scattered in a wide net across the table, so the troopers cannot sneak past. Once the first shot has been fired, try to pour your zombies in from every direction. If you can overrun the troopers and engage them in hand to hand you should be able to kill them. Try to keep the troopers in the open.

Other Virus Zombie game ideas:

  • A gang stronghold is under attack by zombies. Can you hold them off? The Zombie points value should be at least 50% higher than the defending Gangers.
  • A Corps recon aircraft develops a problem and the pilot is forced to eject over the infected zones. Can “Ace” Rodgers survive to make it back to the Corps? “Ace” is hero level and is equipped with Ablative armour, a Dagger, a heavy pistol, two fragmentation grenades and a comms unit. Points value = 88. He should start at one table edge and make his way to the other, facing the same points value of Zombies.
  • A gang stronghold is running low on supplies of food, water and more importantly ammunition. It is time for you to send a search party out to loot some supplies. Luckily there is a gang stash nearby. Can the looting party make it to the stash and bring back the supplies?
  • A Corps checkpoint faces a swarm of “Zombies” coming towards them. Can they keep the zombies back until the gates are shut? If not can they stop the virus spreading into the Corps? The zombie force should be at least 50% higher than the Corps force.
  • A Brat gang is out on the streets looking for some sport. They are out to see how many “zombies” they can kill. The Brat gang from the lists on page 51 of the Battle book.
  • Plague zombies are also good for solo games as tactics are limited by their nature.
  • A conventual CZ battle can be spiced up with packs of frenzied zombies wandering around the battlefield. Or even just one or two hidden will add color to a game or swing it one way or the other.