Simple Conversions for Unique Miniatures VI

Head and/or weapon swaps make a big difference, and can give you exactly the miniature you need for that special scenario.


I removed his mike, gave him a dagger, and changed his pose slightly. The band supplies some extra rebel types quite easily.

Base figure 0062


I replaced his arms with some from the command arms pack.

Base figure 0061


I carved away his arms (a chore!) and replaced them with a minigun from the heavy weapons set.

Base figure 0074


I removed his guitar. He would have looked good with a second pistol.

Base figure 0059


I removed his guitar, and replaced his pistol with a SMG. His left hand holds a grenade, not too obvious in the picture.

Base figure 0059


I armed this plastic ganger with a wepon from the heavy weapons set, and have him a top hat, long hair and a beard.

Plastic ganger

Trooper with launcher

This is a plastic ganger with a launcher from the heavy weapons pack. I gave him a garrison cap as I wanted him for a semi-uniformed militia unit.

Plastic ganger

"Dead or alive, you're coming... with me!"

We needed some heavy power for our Law Enforcement: Robochick seemed the ideal answer. I used the head from 0075 and a pistol arm from the command arms pack.

Base figure 0087

Thorn Bird

In the movie 'Private Benjamin' a base commander had a gung-ho group of picked men he called the 'Thorn Birds' (after himself.) I liked the look, and thought they'd be an interesting squad.

The officer has had his arms replaced with arms from the command pack.

Base figure 0018

Thorn Bird

Less well-armed than normal troopers, they are more likely to be second-line, garrison, or ceremonial troops.

They are suitable for base security, or as a paramilitary unit and would even do as an 'elite' law enforcement unit.

Base figure 325

Base figure 324

Thorn Birds

I replaced their soft caps with berets, and gave them colourful insignia. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Base figure 323

Take a good look at em-4's Heavy Weapons and Command Arms set: Don't be limited by their being made for the CoZo plastics.

Many metal miniatures are perfect for use with them, and are usually greartly improved by the change.


He got the pistol I removed from the (yellow-shirted) Anarkist.

He makes a very gung-ho trooper or NCO.

Base figure 0059

Trooper with minigun

I removed his arms and replaced them with a minigun from the heavy weapons set. He looks quite determined.

Base figure 0013

Female trooper

This lady lost her head for the 'Robochick' conversion, so I gave her a head from the heavy weapons pack. Upon reflection, I should have turned her head more to the front, as it would have really changed her look.

Base figure 0075

Female trooper with flamer

I replaced the figure's weapon with the flamer from the heavy weapons pack. It might have been more striking with the head swap as above.

Base figure 0075

Trooper NCO

The most difficult conversion ever. I... uh... bent his arm. Still, it changes his look.

Base figure 434

Base figure 0013

Scots officer

I used shots of WW1 tam o'shanters as my models, so these hats look a bit oversize. They do make good foes for my Scots rebels.

Base figure 0011

Base figure 0009

Scots troopers
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Base figure 0009

Base figure 0002

Scots troopers
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .

Base figure 436

Foreign Legionnaire

It's amazing how a uniform detail will make a figure instantly recognizable as a particular unit. In this case, the white kepi of 'la Legion'.

Base figure 005

Desert trooper

I added the desert headgear from Milliput-He'd do well as an Arab trooper, or any force in the desert. (The SAS in their burnooses come to mind.)

Base figure 429


For many years, the fez was the badge of a soldier in many parts of Africa. 'Neo-Colonial' scenarios could have squads of locally-recruited troops, or a Warlord could so equip his guard.

Base figure 0013

Russian trooper

The 'pilotka' was typical of Russian troops in both World Wars - They tended to not wear helmets unless ordered to. No doubt the Russian Bear will re-awaken, and his troops will display the same disdain for helmets.

Base figure 0011