A game report from Denmark.
by Claus Paludan

In May 2005 we played two games of Combat Zone at 'Loose Metal'. We hope you enjoy them. We did!

This was my first scenario for Combat Zone and I was rather aware of the fact that the forces might not be all that fair. But then again, who said life was fair? .

I had painted up 1 bot and 10 troopers from the boxed set. Mark (Cougar - the proud owner of Cougar's Corner) wanted some Terminator style robots so there was the scenario. Some high tech criminals had hacked a military facility and "liberated" 5 tactical robots; not something you'd want running around in your 'hood.

The robots hadn't been fully activated as they were only in "transport" mode and thus would only engage if fired upon. Otherwise they would just exit the table off the troopers' end.

The first game saw an average and an elite team of 5 men each dispatched to stop the theft.

A police 'bot was on call from the first round they were fired upon. The average team deployed on the left flank, the elite team on the right flank. With only 4 assault rifles in all the troopers long range firepower was next to non-existent. Autopistols and the integrated grenade launchers were to be their best hope.

The terminators firepower was not limited to short range though the entire setup felt pretty scary. When contact was made the average team was quickly annihilated although they took out a robot in their fall.

The elite team held out a bit longer but was wiped out as well. The terminators left the arena with few casualties.

We then set up for the following game.

Exactly the same terrain setup. This time both trooper teams were elites, the police bot was present from the starte, and the apc was allowed to enter the game with my newly created 20mm autocannon. (all those lasgun thingies pointing out of the chimera will HAVE TO GO. Fortunately I have another chimera I can make without them.)

This time the firepower was a bit better for the troopers, but the machines kept coming. In true terminator style we had one shot almost to pieces ending up with only one arm and the head. Of course it still kept coming albeit at 1 centimeter per turn.

Although the troopers weren't completely wiped out this time they did not succeed in stopping all the machines exiting the board.

One 'bot took out almost the entire right flank squad in close combat. Those machines are nasty.

Well - there is a lot more to learn from this game - we need to figure out the vehicle rules and work a bit more with the heavy weaponry for vehicles (thats from playing in a historical wargames club with tanks and all....)

Long range firepower for the troopers is a must as well as is some more hard-hitting hardware.

Next time we will see some gangers vs some troopers I think - but they need to go through the paint-trolls' lab first.

HEY! That's me!

Larger versions of the photos in this article (and others) are available in the Combat Zone section of the Cougar's Corner.

There is also a link to a .pdf of the scenarios at the bottom of game l.