Bark at the Moon!
Werwolves in Combat Zone
by Danny Stevenson

Even a man, pure of heart
And sleeps in prayer by night,
May become the wolf when the Wolfsbane blooms,
And the winter moon is bright.

This article was inspired by the Combat zone Yahoo group and the movie Dogsoliders. The Werewovles in this article are loosely based on the ones in the film.

Werewolves have secretly plagued mankind for thousands of years. The chaos of the combat zones allows these supernatural hunters to hunt freely without fear of being discovered. The reports of strange hard to kill half man half wolf creatures by hardened combat veterans is starting to worry the Corporations. Are the reports the result of confusion and shell shock? If the reports are true just what are the beasts? Why is their hunting limited to just a few days every month? Why do the survivors disappear soon after? It has also been noticed that the gangs in the CZ’s go to ground around every full moon. Are these beasts something to do with them, or do they know something the corporations don’t? One thing is for certain, the corporate captains refuse to believe that these creatures are supernatural.

The Werewolves:

There is no way to identify a werewolf when he/she is in human form. At the full moon, they morph into fearsome half-man half-wolf creatures, and prey upon humankind. Hunting as a solitary beast or as a pack, they have the wolf's cunning and senses plus human dexterity and intelligence.

Werewolves are extremely hard to kill. A were will barely notice a wound that would put a human out of action. They feel the pain, but it only makes them fiercer. Only silver bullets, decapitation or a direct hit by a HE missile can kill them.

No matter what wounds a werewolf takes, they are immediately cured when they morph to their other shape. (If they are dead, they remain dead.)

If you survive being wounded by a werewolf's claws or bite you too will become a turnskin...

The following rules apply:

  • A werewolf that gets wounded will only be killed in special circumstances. If wounded, the were take a reaction test. If failed the werewolf retreats to somewhere safe to lick it's... ...wounds. It then takes a test every round with a round modifier of +1 for every round. When it passes it may re-engage in the hunt.
  • A werewolf can pick up weapons and use them, but has a -2 to hit: Their hands are ill-shaped for using weapons.
  • A werewolf can only be killed by a silver bullet, decapitation or direct hit with a HE missile.
  • In hand to hand with a Werewolf a natural roll of 6 counts as decapitation. This applies to sword and chainsaw attacks only.
  • Silver knives and bullets will do double damage to a werewolf, and this damage WILL kill the were.
  • Werewolves can hunt alone or in packs of 2 to 6 in number. If more than one werewolf is on the table then they will hunt as a pack. Regardless of the number of werewolves on the table they are each treated as an individual.
  • Although a fire weapon cannot harm them, a werewolf still has a wolf's fear of fire. When a fire weapon is used the werewolf will have to take a reaction test.
  • Werewolves can move 7cm for every AP.
  • Being attacked by a werewolf causes fear. An attacked individual must take a reaction test with a -1 to the dice roll.
  • During campaign games figures that survive wounds by a werewolf's teeth or claws will become werewolves and hunt with the pack, regardless of which side they are from in the combat zones.

Werewolf Rank: Hero Quality: Elite
AP Re-
Attack dice Intiative Tough-
Wound dice Attacks Move
8 5 3D8 D8+1 10 3D8 3 7cm
Special Rules:
  • Werewolves fear fire.
  • Reaction tests when faced with fire or wounded.
  • Can use tools & weapons (-2 to hit on firearms).
  • Skills smash door.
  • Can only be killed by decapitation, direct HE missile hits and silver weapons.

Weapons RoF Dam Point Short Long Points
Tranq Dart Rifle 1 2D4 3 25 80 9
Hunting Rifle 1 3D6 3 25 80 10

Hunter Squads:

It didn’t take the Corporations long to realise that if these creatures exist they would make handy weapons. Pretty soon they set up specialist Hunter sections (nicknamed the Dogcatchers!) to capture werewolves dead or alive for the labs. They are equipped with tranquiliser guns, and large bore hunting rifles.

Hunter Squad:
Rank Quality Armour Weapons Equipment Points
Sergeant(leader) Elite Flak Jacket Tranq Dart rifle
Comm unit
First aid kit
Corporal(subleader) Elite Flak Jacket Hunting Rifle
Comm unit 51
Trooper Elite Flak Jacket Tranq dart Rifle
Comm unit 47
Trooper Elite Flak Jacket Hunting Rifle
Comm unit 48
Trooper Elite Flak Jacket Autoshotgun
Comm unit 37
Equip any figure with: Replace any Autopistol with:
1 Fragmentation Grenade +2pts (Max 3)
2 Thunderflash grenades +1 pt (Max 4)
1 First aid kit +3pts
1 Heavy pistol +7pts
1 Tazer Pistol +5pts
1 Pepper spray +2pts
Machine pistol +1pt
Assault Rifle +8pts
MAX 40 Assault Rifle +9pts
Upgrade any figure with:
1 Skill Roll +3pts (Max 3)
Equip ONE figure with:
Autocannon +24pts
Missile Launcher (inc 1 HE missile) +12pts
1 reload HE Missile +3pts (Max 4)

Weapons RoF Dam Point Short Long Points
Tranq Dart Rifle 1 2D4 3 25 80 9
Hunting Rifle 1 3D6 3 25 80 10


Exterminators are often Hero level characters who take it upon themselves to rid humanity of werewolves and other supernatural/undead beings. They are often dressed oddly, are creepy looking and are prone to eccentric behaviour.

Clothing varies from Exterminator to Exterminator, but one thing in common is religious and occult jewellery and amulets. Generally equipped with the tools for the job on hand. swords and silver bullets are common equipment for werewolf extermination.

Such characters are often attached to some cult or other. Those with cult attachments may also have some squads from the Cultist gang lists of page 54 of the battle book.

  • Exterminators are immune to the psychological effects of werewolves (and any other supernatural/undead they come across).
  • Exterminators may also have a side kick squad.
  • Exterminators from cults may have up two squads from the Cultist lists in support.

Rank Quality Armour Weapons Equipment Points
Hero Elite Flak Jacket Heavy handgun
Silver dagger
Holy Pendants
Silver bullets
Holy Water
Upgrade any Hero with:
1 Skill Roll +3pts (Max 3)
Leader Average Flak Jacket Assault rifle
Silver dagger
First aid kit
Silver bullets
Sub-Leader Average Flak Jacket Autopistol
Silver bullets 25
Up to 2 extra sidekicks:
Sidekick Green Flak Jacket Medium pistol
None 15
Upgrade any Sidekick with:
Flamer +15pts
1 Molotov cocktail +1pt
(max 2)
Spare Flamer canister +8pts
(max 2)

Silver Weapons:

Silver bullets: Silver has very poor ballistic properties. Therefore any weapon loaded with silver bullets halves all range characteristics with the exception of point.

A silver bullet fired at an ordinary target gets a -1 to the wound dice to simulate silver's poor ballistic properties. Such a bullet hitting a werewolf will do double damage. E.g. a heavy pistol shot hits a werewolf. The shot does 2D8 of damage. In this case the shot rolls a 12. As it’s a silver bullet the damage is doubled, so it does 24 points of damage.

When using silver bullets the player must state so, and which weapons they are loaded into before the game. Silver bullets cost no extra points.

Silver Dagger/silver stake: Silver is very soft and difficult to put an edge on and because of these factors it is a one use weapon. In ordinary hand to hand it is pretty useless, however against werewolves these weapons give the exterminators a last chance.

In ordinary hand to hand a -1 modifier is added to all wound rolls. Against werewolves the wound roll is as normal, however like silver bullets it is doubled. Silver daggers/stakes have a points cost of 1.

Gaming Ideas/scenarios:

Dogsoldiers: A military patrol has been caught out in the combat zones. The werewolves are closing. They make it to a building and barricade themselves in. Can they make it to dawn?

This can be a typical CZ game with lots of urban terrain. However if you fancy a change, you could try the game like the movie with the troopers caught out in a remote forest.

The Dogcatchers: A hunter squad has been sent out to capture a lone werewolf. Can they achieve their mission objective?

My name is Van Helsing: Darkness falls, the howling begins. Gangs tremble in their hideouts. Corporate troopers flick off the safety catches on their weapons. Into the arena strides an Exterminator, ready to do battle with the forces of evil.

The Running Man: Captain John Pendle has been caught by werewolves. As there isn’t much game around on this night, they decide to opt for some sport.

They strip Captain Pendle of his weapons. The pack leader then informs our hero that if he can make it past a certain point he will live. If they catch him, he is dinner.

The good Captain is under no illusion that the werewolves will keep their side of the bargain, but it’s the only chance he has. The captain agrees, with a few flip comments to annoy the werewolves (in this case trying to fit “walkies” and “bath” into the conversation as often as possible!).

Captain Pendle
Rank Quality Armour Weapons Equipment Points
Hero Elite Flak Jacket None None 76
Upgrade Capt. Pendle with:
1 Skill Roll +3pts (Max 3)

Set the captain up 30cm from a short table edge. The werewolves setup 15cm from the same table edge. The Captain has two free rounds (this can be shortened depending on table size) in which to run for his life. Can he outrun and outwit the hunt? It may be helpful if some useful bits and pieces are lying around the buildings.

Further Inspiration:

As stated earlier, the main inspiration for this article is the movie “Dogsoldiers”. There are plenty of werewolf films and novels out there for further inspiration.

Photo credits: Kenneth Greening

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