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The Headquarters
A building for Combat Zone
by Doug Cowie

Rumbo has been after me to write a how-to guide about 'The Headquarters' for quite some time. The problem is, I didn't build it.

Frankly, I don't know who did so. It was part of an 'Arnhem' demo at a show, and I picked it up there. It's well made, and very useful. Whoever did make it should be proud of his work, and should know that it has been the centre of many a hard-fought skirmish.

far view

Although designed for 20mm figures, the building looks fine with 28's.The slight scale difference gives it a smaller footprint which is all to the good. Too often impressive-looking structures not only dominate the table, they fill it.

back view

The rear view of the structure is quite different in appearance, and means I merely have to turn the piece around if I want a different building.

I'm especially pleased with the detail work. The railings at the back have decorative cutouts: Simple but efective, and they do add interest,

side view

The side view shows the plan differences between the front and back

Although the entrances are quite different, both front and back have balconies at the same level as the upper storey. Each is large enough for 3 or so figures.

Construction is of foamcare, with basswood and card details. The whole is glued to a hardboard base, making it both stable and durable.

Front view
An imposing structure indeed

The basic construction is in fact two small boxes forming the end rooms: They are connected by the front and back facades, which are glued to the outside of the smaller end pieces. This 'modular' construction no doubt allowed for great variety in building styles simply by using different facade styles on mass-produced pieces. (Remember, they were building a city)

first storey

The roof is removeable allowing access to the interior. (The floors are at the same level, it's an optical illusion caused by the extra depth of the centre room.)

ground floor

The upper floors are removeable too!

Phurther Phun with Phoamcore
~ by Gisby ~

trim like thisWhen building with foamcore, cut your walls full-size. (do not allow for the thickness of the board) Trim the inside of the sides, equal to the thickness of the board, removing the foam and backing but not cutting the outer skin.

inset the cornerInset the front and back into the side walls. (This puts the glued areas on the sides instead of the front.) This leaves you with a continuous surface up to the corner, and no exposed raw edges.

like this! not like this!This means you can have corners
<<<< like this
not like this >>>>




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