Easy Conversions for Unique Miniatures IX

Here are some more ideas, in groups! Enjoy....

From P. M. Dupre

Base figure

I have only the Plastics from the Combat Zone Box, although I hope to soon remedy this. I have painted them with camoflage uniforms The container (Is it ammo? Medicine?) is a part of the tree they were cast on.

Base figure

I also want some Elites, so I have used ideas from this site. I have used Gangers as the basis for my beret wearing stormtroopers. Their camoflage is different, and they can be elites or enemies for my other troopers. The laser is copied from a metal figure I have seen on the site.

Base figure

The pointing finger is the antenna from the radio kit, and the rocket tube another piece of tree. I hope you like my first attempts..

From Gisby

My intention was to paint these as sinister, dark, blued-steel cyborgs, as an alternative to the 'seen-em-everywhere' Terminators. I was not particularly successful. They are certainly blue, but I think they need darkening.

I've been watching 'SPACE: Above and Beyond' (that was a good show) and I think they'll make fine 'Chigs'. I need more of 'em.

From Rumbo

Base figure

I know it's been done before, but Celeste is a fan, so I must make them for her. I am uncertain as to their accuracy, but she is pleased, and that is what matters.

Base figure

These I painted in shades of gold & brown, and gave a brown wash ro bring out details. I wanted a warm, organic feel, as I wanted the armour to seem like a carapace rather than a manufactured item. I wanted them as foes for my SG team above. Celeste says they should be black, but I think they would be too drab.

They are quite a contrast to Gisby's group, but philosophically we went in different directions. Organic vs. cybernetic.

Base figure 0074

Red Rastas

While looking for ideas to steal I found images of uniformed, greatcoated gangers. I didn't like them much, but I liked the idea.

Base figure 0074

Base figure 0074

I stripped down a number of 0074's and did some work on them. The first 2 have had their arms replaced with those from the heavy weapons pack and a set of plastic ganger arms.

The next 2 still have their original right arms. The first has a MAR added, and a new left arm from putty. The next has a left arm from the command set.. (If I had more Command arms I'd have a sizeable gang!)

The last figure has a pair of plastic arms and his original pistol.

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