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The Frosty Bar
by Gisby

There was a reason that Pirates were figures of terror to one and all. And that reason was Cap'n Frosty.

Parents across the country dreaded the sight of the grinning, obese giant, because they knew that their children would become insane, screming demons until they were given a 'treat' from the Frosty Bar.

Known popularly as 'Rosty Barf' the chain took a simple logo - a skull and crossbones - (originally mandated by the Health Department) and turned it into marketing gold.. An entire generation of children has learned to eat or drink anything with a skull and crossbones on it - often with hilarious results.

The 'Barfs' are usually on the border between gang territories, solely because the gangs are loathe to lose acces to the greasy, sugar-laden treats.

More than one turf war has broken out as a gang sought to keep open at least a corridor giving them access to their local. The combats are fiercely contested, although meal breaks are frequent, and scrupulously respected.

On the other hand, Gangers found in enemy territory are sometimes given a 'pass' if they are found with 'Barf Bags': The 'Jones for Bones' is well known and understood.

Cap'n Frosty is a pre-painted PVC toy pirate, with a second weapon replaced by an epoxy putty 'Softee-Surv Cone'.

Behind him is the outdoor seating area: Tables from a dollar store. The Palm Tree is a cake decration tree with the trunk replaced by a long piece of wire wrapped in glue-covered string.

The rooftop sign is invariably vandalized within hours of the location's opening: They no longer bother repairing them.

The roof seemed a little high for 28mm, so I used the pirate flag banners to lower the opening a bit.

The floor tiles are preprinted scrapbooking paper, and the interior fittings are made from plasticard. There should be a lot more in there, but I was just concerned with keeping it from looking like an empty box.

Of course the local kids have gotten to the sidewalk sign out front.

The Frosty Bar can serve as a victory objective in a game, or just as a piece of local colour. In either case, it's visually interesting, and fun to make.

NB: 'Barf' is North American slang for 'Vomit'.

The Frosty Bar is a Plasticville O Scale model railroad building, and is readily available (at least in the USA)