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Cybernetic Enhancements in Combat Zone
by Mike Crossman

Skinner was just a mass of broken bone and bleeding meat, but he wasn't dead. Then he looked up. And smiled

“You think you’ve won!? They’ll fix me, make me stronger, faster, better! And when they’re done I’ll find you and I’ll rip your freakin heart out!”

Blake placed the barrel of his heavy pistol on Skinner’s head and pulled the trigger...

Cybernetic enhancements entered our games when I did a conversion between one of the Skeleton Robots (0330) and the Bodyguard (0035), just because I thought it would look cool. Then we began an after-game discussion about different ways cybernetic enhancements would boost the units.

We came up with the following:

Cyber-arm - Unit gains +1d4 attack modifier toward melee (in addition to any melee weapon they are carrying) The arm has a fully manipulative hand that does not impede the unit in any way. COST: 3

Cyber-legs - Unit moves 6 cm per AP. COST: 2

Although you can’t see it too well in the picture, the front of his shirt says, “I’ll be...” and the back of his shirt says, “BACK”.

A bit of weak gamer humor there.

Cyber-eyes - The short range of any weapon the unit is firing is doubled. (IE: an assault rifle’s short range would be 50) COST: 2

Cyber-ears - This unit can be 20cm from Leader and still be considered in group coherency. COST: 1

For those players using the rules from the Battlebook: The effects of skills and the effects from cybernetic enhancements are cumulative. (IE: A trooper with cyber-legs and the skill Fast would be able to move 7 cm per AP.

A unit with Cybernetic enhancements takes full damage from an EMP attack.

REMEMBER: Good Guys can be Cyborgs too!

'Dead or alive, you're coming... With me.'