Easy Conversions for Unique Miniatures X

When Mad Doug got out of IP Prison, he rejoined his gang. They were the meanest gang of M-F'ors in the 'Zone...

Mad Doug

A rare shot, without his trademark round sunglasses.

The figure has the bald head from the Ganger Heavy Weapons Set, and a baseball bat added.

Base Figure: 0080


Doug's Lieutenant, famed for his luxurious hair, muscular build, and rugged good looks.

He's had a pistol added from plastic, plus hair and beard..

Base Figure: 0076


The gang 'Enforcer'

He's had the 'Mad Max' stuff carved away, and hair, beard, vest, and shoes added.

Base Figure: 0030


One of Doug's 'soldiers'.

Hr has the goggled head from the Ganger Heavy Weapons Set.

Base Figure: 0077


Another of Doug's 'soldiers'.

He has the bald head from the Ganger Heavy Weapons Set, with a beard and some hair added..

Base Figure: 0077

Scav Heavy Weapon

He has the hooded head from the Ganger Heavy Weapons Set, cut down into a cap.

The same figure would easily convert to a biker, using either of the heads used above

Base Figure: 0029


I really like the figure, but I wanted a bit of variety.

I gave her the head from 0075, and I like the result. I can use her as 'RoboChick' before the 'incident'.

Base Figure: 0052


The controller for the flying 'Police Drone'.

He has new arms from the command pack.

Base Figure: 0047


I rearmed her with an assault rifle from the eM-4 plastics, and gave her new hair.

I don't know why I haven't been giving her skirts, etc. she's a natural for it.

Base Figure: 0083

Rebel Heavy Weapon

My rebels needed a bit of punch.

The cameraman is a natural for this conversion, using the Heavy Weapons set. His camera eyepiece fits well with the launcher.

Base Figure: 0037


With a longer skirt and a kerchief, she's a sweet old lady, but not one to mess with.

Base Figure: 71

Teen Rebel

I trimmed her jacket down, lowered one arm, and gave her new hair for a different look.

Base Figure: 71


New arms from the eM-4 plastics, a pistol, and new hair give this lady a lean, edgy look.

Base Figure: 0038