Paul earned £40
in eM-4 credit


My Road Warriors 1
by Paul Smith

I wanted a few more scavengers and savages without firearms for a post apocalypse road combat game (Possibly based on a film about a warrior of the road 2)

Most of the conversions were fairly simple and straightforward apart from the hero who needed quite a lot of work to remove parts of the original casting.

This requires some care to avoid damaging either the figure or yourself. Please be careful, damaging figures is always a tragedy.

I also have a number of vehicles and other figures. This project is continuing to grow so I may put together some more modelling articles, scenarios, etc in due time. Yes please - R

Base Figure: 0078

The hero suffered a lot of cutting away as his long scarf, the sash around his waist and the automatic pistol tucked into it were removed.

Next was a haircut to remove his ponytail. Then he was disarmed of the pistol in his left hand and most of the auto-shotgun in his right, leaving just the pistol grip. To this a sawn-off shotgun of plastic card and wire was added.

All that was left was a small amount of tidying up of his jacket and adding a belt and buckle with green stuff to complete the Max-esque transformation

Base Figure: 0068

With this figure most of the auto shotgun was cut away to form a heavy pistol.

A mini-skirt was added and her hair extended with green stuff. Her legs were simply painted as flesh instead as skintight trousers to complete the transformation..

Base Figure: 0025

To create a weapons crewman for the rear on a vehicle I started by carefully amputating both arms. The knife and chain were then removed from each hand.

The arms were glued back on and the gaps filled with green stuff. A scratch- multi-barreled dart-gun was built to which his hands were glued

Base Figure: 0039

Her auto-shotgun was completely removed and the arm repositioned slightly, not wanting to break it by bending it too far. Similarly her left arm was bent further away from her side. Her backpack was removed to give her a less well equipped look.

Both hands were then drilled. In her right an arrow of wire with fletching from thin plastic card was added. In her left a length of thick fuse wire was added which was then formed into a recurve bow, strung with thin fuse wire.

Base Figure: 0045

Just a weapon change to a crossbow for this guy. His auto shotgun was slightly cut down to look like a simpler wood shape then a bow and bolt of wire were added. Finally the bow was strung with fuse wire.

Base Figure: 0042

Another simple weapon change by cutting the magazine off the assault rifle and adding the bow, bolt and string from various gauges of wire to make it look like a modern hunting crossbow.

I have amended the vehicle rules in order to suit just this scenario. I can put them together into a legible form though if there is any interest Yes please - R

A Directional Spinner by Piotr Mikians

This is an eM-4 Directional Spinner dressed up to match my figures & terrain.

I painted the arrow in a darker tone to match the colour values I use in my figures, and drybrushed a slightly brighter tone on the edges, to give it a 'weathered' look.

The base is a normal slotted base, with rocks & grass added to improve the 'look'. I glued a washer inside the vbase for weight & stability.

It's a simple piece, but it adds an air of elegance to my 'scatter' effects.