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The Cafe Parisien
Art imitates Life
by Gisby

The upper crust can't eat at the 'Barfs', at least not all the time. For them, there is fine French cuisine.

I found a discarded 'jewelry' box, the bottom half of which looked like, well, a Chinese Restaurant. So I decided to build 'CHAO'S'. (A pun stolen from The Simpsons.)

Imagine my joy when driving through small-town Manitoba, when I found an actual 'Cafe Paris' with a banner proclaiming 'Chinese Smorg'.

For those of you not 'in the know' a 'smorgasbord' is a Scandinavian-styled all-you-can-eat buffet.

Thus, a French Cafe offering a Scandinavian buffet of Chinese delicacies. What could be more perfect?

Why a Chinese-themed French Cafe offering a Scandinavian-themed Italian and Ukrainian buffet! Thus was born the Cafe Parisien.

I must say, for a single joke, this took a lot of work. The walls of the box are 3/8 on an inch thick, so cutting the door opening was not easy.

The door was a simple wire and plastic piece, and opens to reveal a big empty box. The planters are craft wood, and the greenery from artificial flowers.

The building is not so lopsided as it appears: My camera seems to curve and distort things in close-ups.

The outer walls are decorated with wooden disks, each with a Chinese maze symbol printed on my computer. The door is framed with popsicle sticks.

The roof is the base of the box, and has an A/C unit attached as a lifting handle. As an extra touch, the wooden pieces that align the roof on the walls are lengths of chopstick.

What makes the piece for me are the Fu Dogs from Ainsty Castings.