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The Big Tire Blow-Out
by Gisby

It was the least successful sales campaign ever. They could never figure out why..

This is the K-Line Service Station: It dates from the early 1950's and was originally produced by Marx. It is actually S guage, or 1/64th scale. and perfect for 28mm miniatures. Downside? K-Line recently went out of business.

The kit is moulded in white, grey, and orange: The bay doors open, but the others do not. They could easily be modified to do so.

I first assembled the 4 walls and the front door panel, and sprayed them white. The other pieces I primed grey.

I painted all the doors and door inserts blue, and added blue trim where appropriate.

I weathered the building using inks and 'magic wash'.

The roof was left loose, and was weathered over the primer.

The sides and rear are fairly plain (there is a door on the other end.)

How old is the kit? In the picture above, one sign says 'TUBES". When this kit was released, auto tires had tubes.

The vehicles shown are the first two of the McDonald's 'Happy Meal' HumVees available in August 2006. They are prepainted, and you can buy them separately from the meals.

The Service Station is a K-Line S Scale model railroad building, and is not in production. I got mine on ebay.