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GW Cheese Shop
by Gisby

She looked into the camera , smiled, and said those famous words: 'GW Cheese. It's like an ORGASM in your mouth.'


GW produced a lot of 'cheese' but had to get it to the public. They opened more and more shops, running real cheese shops out of business.

The air conditioner is used as a lifting handle for the roofThe shops were brightly coloured, and brightly lit, possibly to make up for the dimness of the staff.

Disconcertingly, there were always odd little creatures called 'fangboys' underfoot, filling the air with their mindless chittering, and an odd, vaguely unwholesome smell.

The doors were always decorated with the kewl (and government-mandated) 'chaos rune'.

The front of the shop was usually marred with a bit of oozing, and with dookies thrown by passers-by.

The shop was made from the shell of a Plasticville 'Suburban Station' (see right)

Remove the top locking lugs and fill the back of the upper alcoveThe first step was to remove the bottom 20mm of the walls, and the top locking lugs on the front & back walls. (To make room for, and to support, the roof)

The top of the front alcove is sloped to accomodate the kit roof. I used part of one undercut to cover this, and to fill the back of the alcove at the top.

I had to use a punch to put a hole in the thumbtacksThe roof is cut from plastic sheet, and the base from Cintra. The air-conditioner is a lego brick and flat cap.

The lights were made from wire, thumbtacks and plastic pearls, and all signs were printed on my computer.

Fangboys: Their mindless chittering can make you crazy

'Oi! Where's me Brain?': An earlier product, playing up GW's mind-numbing qualities.

Like most of their cheeses, it cannot be used in the recipes in future years' recipe books. (Each year a new book is issued, with approved recipes, telling you which cheeses you are allowed to use.)

A bit of editorializing on the sidewalk out front. Judging by the blood smears, the fangboys won this one.

The Suburban Station is readily available as a new kit, but is also one of the most widely available kits avaliable as a set of broken parts on ebay, usually as part of a larger lot of buildings and parts.

Usually, the roof and platform are broken or missing, and all you get are the 4 body pieces seen here.

To use them as the basis of a stand-alone building, remove the bottom 20mm of each wall: You can use the internal locking pegs as a guide for your cuts.

REMEMBER: This is nothing more than a vaguely scurrilous article.... about CHEESE...