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Putting The Bite On The Sub Gangs
by Robert Provan

I was buying gummi bears to run a zombie game when I noticed they also stocked gummi alligators. I brought some, roughed out some rules and prepared to spring them on my friends

But we ended up playing Robo Rally instead....

Still, with the sewer fight rules just out I figured someone will have a use for a few luggage lizards on the tabletop.

Photo credit: GisbyAlligators attack by grabbing their prey and dragging it into the water. If the alligator achieves a Rout result then it has seized its victim and will drag them away at 3cm/AP.

Seized figures lose 1 attack die and take an automatic 2D8 wound each turn while being dragged.

Alligators that kill their victim will also retreat, dragging the body as above.

Alligators are really a surprise tool for a referee, if you have one. However some sewer gangs keep them as guard dogs, the only problem being their habit of eating their handlers.

Photo credit: Gisby

For 25pts a sewer gang may deploy one alligator on the table.

  • Photo credit: GisbyEach turn the alligator moves 10cm in a random direction.
  • The alligator will not leave the table.
  • Once the alligator comes within 20cm of any figure it will begin to hunt that figure, it will move towards him at its maximum AP.
  • If any figure comes closer to the alligator than its target the alligator will switch targets.
  • Once the alligator has dragged off its prey it is removed from the table well fed and happy.
  • Cold blooded, alligators can't be seen on thermal goggles!
Sewer Alligator
Type Quality AP Initiative Attack Dice Wound Dice Toughness Move
Individual Average 6 1D6 2D8 3D6 10 4cm/AP