Going Postal
by Gisby

'GO POSTAL' It was a great slogan, but for some reason people kept shooting the mailboxes. At least the Postmen could shoot back...

In a recent Plasticville lot I obtained several different in their series of 'business' buildings. They share the same sides, back and roof, with only the front and doors being different.

The kit was complete and in good condition. I disassembled it and cleaned the pieces.

I then reassembled the four walls and primed the building. Once dry, I masked the building and sprayed the white and blue bands on the front.

Rather than glaze the windows, I added aluminium mesh, intended for armature-work, to all the windows. It cuts with scissors, and is a joy to work with.

It gives the building a more 'secure' look. The doors already have a heavy, bullet-proof appearance.

The front facade also looks like it would stop bullets, making the roof a nice firing platform.

In spite of my campaign being set in a mythical country, I could not resist the neatly raised 'U.S.POST OFFICE' lettering on the sign. (It was so nice finding a building that didn't say 'Plasticville')

I glued the kit to a sintra base, and added the front lights, two mailboxes, and a sign printed on my computer. The doors are those supplied with the kit.

I didn't add an interior, because it woudn't be seen from the outside. (Another reason for the mesh windows)

The kit is frequently found on ebay, and more than one could be useful. It has a solid look, and would do well as a government office, bank, or even police station.

Trash Cans

The bodies are mesh offcuts, formed around an X-acto handle.(They open up to a good diameter.)

The top & bottom rims are printer paper and white glue.

One bag was made from putty, with black paint mixed in. It bulges out too much.

For the second, I put a roll of black-painted paper inside, attached with white glue. When the paper was softened, I flared it out to fold at the top.

In both, various pieces of trash were placed atop a wad of glue-soaked tissue.