A Punitive Mission In The Combat Zone
by Doug Cowie

When the savages attacked the People's Mission, there could only be one response. Hit them, and hit them hard.

The Peoples’ Mission to the Neutral Enclave was supposed to bring peace and enlightenment. Instead it had to struggle to survive.

Denied proper funding by the Government, and facing disinterest or outright hostility from those they were there to help, the Mission was finally over run in a sudden attack. The few defenders managed one call for assistance.

Picture 1

Beneath the decaying Arch of The People, the Mission's last defender falls beneath the knives of the Savages.

Picture 2

A platoon of Ministry of Repatriation Infantry is diverted to investigate events at the Mission.

The Recce squad is first on the scene, and advances cautiously. They find some evidence of the recent combat, and discover a body lying under the arch. Otherwise, all seems quiet. Perhaps too quiet.

They wait for support before taking any more direct action.

Picture 3

A support squad and the HQ section arrive and take up positions. Only then do the Scouts move in for a closer look.

Maybe they were careless, but there was no warning of what happened next.

Picture 5

Suddenly, it’s raining Savages. And bikers! They pour out of the Mission buildings and swarm round the surprised troopers.

Picture 6

However, a second Support squad arrives and opens fire from the left of the first and their combined firepower almost annhilates the Savage/Biker coalition.

3 of the Scouts, caught in the middle of their enemies, are downed but the support squads only lose 1 man.

 Picture 7

The Platoon leader directs the medic to help the Support squad casualty. The Recce squad, formed from irregulars and attached on an ad hoc basis, will have to wait for medical aid.

Picture 8

The platoon returns to its original mission – investigating a mysterious bunker which has appeared in the west of the Enclave.

Screened by strange (alien?) undergrowth, the bunker is silent and apparently deserted. The survivors of the Recce squad cautiously move in for another hard day at the office………