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Barricades for Combat Zone
by René Raap

Roadblocks and barricades are a fact of life in the Combat Zone.

Some are manned by the authorities to control the flow of the people or to isolate trouble areas. Others are set up by gangs to mark the boundary of their turf, or as 'toll' stations.

All of them are places where people get shot.

A while ago I discovered a very easy and cheap (not unimportant I would say!) way of making quite nice barricades. The only materials you need are sprues from GW 20mm bases and some wire (paper clips will do fine).

First of all you clip off all the ends from the arms of the sprue, leaving an X shape. If you keep the oudside of the clipper towards the end of the joint, it will automatically create a pointy end. Not a neat one, but these barricades are often crudely made, so any rough edges improve the look.

After clipping drill a hole right in the middle of the sprue and glue a bit of wire into it, extending up to about 3 mm on both sides of the sprue. Cut two joints form another sprue, drill holes in the flat end and glue these onto the wire.

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And there you have it, one complete barricade. For every three sprues you’ll have sufficient materials to make two barricades. And they cost next to nothing!

Painting them is quite simple. Since they’re black and they take paint really well, you don’t need to give them an undercoat.

Simply pick a colour and give them a really thorough drybrush, then give them a normal drybrush with a slightly lighter colour.

Brush steel all over to show wear, and use washes to add rust, dirty them up, and to take the newness away.

They’re easy to make, they’re easy to paint and they look great on the table!