Clicky Casualties
by Gisby

I like Clicky figures. They are cheap, especially if you don't care if they are broken.

I had a scenario that required some shooting victims. (Rescue them without getting shot in the process: the farther from cover and the difficulty in moving them gave the point score)

No blood: They are also useful as drugged kidnap victims, ambush lures, etc. Anywhere that you'd want an unconscious body....

Clicky figures are cheap, easy to cut & glue, they take paint & putty, and I don't care if I ruin a few.

Some flying babe

Clicky 1

My pal Graham Wren (AKA GW, so I guess she's a GW figure) gave me some Clickys pulled from a Comic Shop scrap box.

She was supposed to be on a flying base, but I don't know who she was.

I filled in her wing slots and added a short skirt and hair. She sort-of lays flat, so I guess she's still wiggling.

Her boots made for knee-high socks, and the rest just sort of followed.


Clicky 2

This was a figure of a charactere called 'Elektra'.

She was in a 'dramatic' (AKA stupid) pose, dancing about with a staff. You just wanted to shoot her.

I trimmed away all the flowing ribbons, etc, and cut her in half at the waist.

I oriented the halves so she'd lie flattish, and glued & filled the joints. A skirt & hir were added from putty.

Clicky 3

ThugThe 'Thug'. A very musclebound type, he just didn't lay flat.

I was forced to remove his head and arms, and flatten his back a bit with coarse sandpaper.

I reattached the head & arms at unnatural angles, filling the joints with putty.


Clicky 4

The 'Thug' again. To disguise him I repositioned all his limbs, and added a bulky jersey from putty.

Clicky casualties are fun & easy. Give it a try: You can't go wrong. They're already broken!

Cheap toy


I found a broken dollar store trailer at a garage sale. I cut off the hitch & sanded the bottom flat.

I mounted it on 2 Lego blocks (also sanded flat) on a Sintra base.