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More Weapons & Equipment
by Xander Warren

As things got hot in the Combat Zone, people found more and more ways to kill each other....

Small Arms

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
Sawn off shotgun 1D6 3D8 3 8 10 3
A timeless classic, the sawn-off shotgun provides a stack of fire power in a concealable package!

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
Military rifle 2D6 3D6+1 3 25 100 14
An older design than the AR, the Military rifle sacrifices a high ROF for a longer range and more powerful round. With the increasing use of cyberware, these rifles are gaining popularity for their ability to put the target down at long range. Good examples of this type of weapon are the HKG3, FNFAL & M14

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
Heavy shotgun 1D6 3D8 3 10 25 6
Firing a more potent cartridge than normal, the heavy shotgun is a custom made sporting weapon. The increased stopping power of these weapons means that they are returning to the streets as a new way of busting up cybers. Unfortunately this extra hitting power costs a bit more…….

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
Assault carbine 4D6 3D6 3 20 70 13
Designed to be more portable than standard assault rifles, and to have a higher rate of fire, whilst not sacrificing the additional stopping power of a high power round - Assault carbines excel in close range combat situations. Examples include the M4 carbine & AKSU 74.

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
SMG 3D6 2D6 3 20 70 10
Machine pistol 4D6 2D6 3 20 60 8
The Machine pistol in the CZ rule book is a one handed MAC-10 type weapon, with a fearsome amount of firepower, but a short range. This doesn't fit weapons such as the MP5 as well as it could, and hence I've split the profiles.

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
"Shredder" SMG 6D6 2D4 3 15 50 9
Especially designed to be able to vast numbers of shots in the air, the shredder has earned its nickname well. Sacrificing stopping power for a high ROF, the shredder literally rips unarmoured targets to pieces!

Heavy Weapons

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
SSW 3D6 3D6 5 25 100 20
The Squad Support Weapon is a "bridge" between an assault rifle and a machine-gun, offering better accuracy than the former, but in a lighter package than the later. Favoured by many nations at the end of the C20th, weapons such as the RPK are still to be found worldwide.

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
DEL 1 use per weapon As HE missile N/A 15-30 80 10
Disposable Explosive Launchers (AKA LAW's) are favoured by both gangs and military forces as they give small groups anti-tank support without the cost, hassle or training times of traditional heavy weapons.

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
Grenade Launcher 1 - - 8-15 60 10
Repeating GL 2 - - 8-15 60 20
Firing procedure for both types of launcher are the same as for a missile launcher. They may fire indirectly, but the scatter is doubled. All grenade types may be fired, and damage/effect is as per grenade type.

Weapon ROF Damage Point Short Long Points
Heavy Sniper rifle 1D6 4D6 3 40 150 45
A heavy anti-materiel sniper rifle, firing .50 or larger cartridges. (Snipers only)

Close-Combat weapons

Weapon Attack Mod Wound Mod
Knuckle dusters (1 pt) - +1
Power-tool (3 pts)
+1D3 +5
Great weapon (2 pts)
Sledge hammer, logging axe, etc
+1D3 +4
Small advanced hand-weapon (2 pts)
+1D4 +3
Large advanced hand-weapon (5 pts)
vibro-sword, electroclub, etc
+1D6 +5

Weapon sights (These may be fitted to any direct fire weapon)

Telescopic optical sight (5 pts): +1 to hit on aimed shots, +5cm short range, + 10cm long range

Tactical/AGOG scope (3 pts): +1 to hit on aimed shots.

Digitally assisted 'scope (10 pts: +1 to hit, + 5 cm short range, +20cm long range

Red-dot/hologram sight (3 pts): +1 to hit at short range, unless spotted.

To spot roll on the following table
D6: 1-4 image unnoticed and modifier applied as normal
5-6 image noticed and sight gives no benefit this turn.

Modifiers: Green -1; Veteran +1; Elite +2, Game in partial darkness +1, Game in total darkness +2, Firer behind target -1

Armour types

Assault Armour (12 pts): Same movement penalty as combat suit, +4 to toughness, -1 to tech & first aid rolls, Obstacles now cost 4AP to cross, dropping down takes 2AP.

Ammunition types
(Unless otherwise stated, enough rounds are purchased to last the entire game)

AP/Sabot ammo (3 pts): All armour toughness modifiers are ignored, and cover modifiers are halved.

JHP/Flechette ammo (1 pt): If the character is unarmoured increases weapon damage by +1D6, however if the character is armoured then the damage is the "normal dice roll"/2

Explosive Bullets (4 pts): These are illegal and only available to gangs, mobs and other "outlaw" factions. These increase the damage dealt by +D6

Solid shotgun slugs (3 pts): increase the short range of the shotgun by +10cm and the long range by +30cm

Heavy shotgun "Barricade" slug (2 pts): Increases the short range of the shotgun by +5cm, and the long range by +20cm. Damage is 4D6.

Shotgun "Bird-shot" rounds (1 pt):

Roll to hit as normal
If a hit is scored, place the 2.5cm directly over the target.
characters under the template suffer 2D6 damage,
characters 50% or less under the template take 2D4 damage

Shotgun rubber-baton rounds (1 pt): Do the same amount of damage, but only causes a stun reaction. If the wound roll exceeds the required roll by 8 or more, a wound is inflicted instead. (Grenade launchers can also fire baton rounds, in which case they are counted as heavy shotguns for damage purposes)

Shotgun Riot gas cartridges (2 pts): Roll to hit using the standard direct fire method, and if a miss is scored, roll deviation from the target. When it lands this round acts exactly like a riot gas grenade, except it only uses the 2.5 cm template.

Anti-Armour missile (AAM) (6 pts):

Uses the 2.5cm template.
5D6 wound roll on target directly under the centre of the template
2D6 wound roll on any character under the template
2D4 wound roll on any character 50% or less under the template

Dragons-breath shotgun shells (2 pts): The shotgun may fire 1 shot as a Flame Thrower with this round.

Flashbomb shotgun shells (1 pt): Roll to hit using the standard direct fire method, and if a miss is scored, roll deviation from the target. When it lands this round acts exactly like a Thunderflash grenade.

Other equipment

Skateboard/roller skates (1 pt): + 3cm movement per AP, provided along flat hard surface. May not drop down in the same turn that the character moved. -3cm movement on rough terrain, grass, sand, etc.

Advanced combat training (3 pts): The characters gains an additional+1D6 attack modifier, which can be combined with weapons, etc

Bipod (2 pts): May only be fitted to heavy weapons. Takes 2AP to set-up/disassemble, whilst set it negates the -1 to hit modifier for firing at long range. However, movement is only at 3cm per 1AP whilst the bipod is set.


Reflex chip (3 pts): The character gains +1Ap

Cyber torso (12 pts): The character is at+4 toughness (which may also be combined with armour)