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Putty Rubbish
by Fatgoblin

The roads and buildings give a table top the wow! factor, but it's the little details that make it great.

There are several commercial sources to spruce up your table, but here is a cheap way to add some interesting detail to sprinkle across your next urban battlefield.

Trash bags are easy to sculpt, and easy to paint. You can sculpt them with epoxy putty, air-drying clay, or oven-bake putties (Sculpey, Fimo, etc.)

I use a plastic sheet (an overhead projector slide actually) as a base so that the putty can be removed easily later when it cures. (Build oven-bake clays on aluminium foil)

Start with a roughly cone shaped blob, use a pointed instrument to poke a hole at the top. Using a flat ended instrument, pull open the hole to make it look like a volcano.

Next stab it at the side just under the top all around the cone. Continue the previous two steps until it deforms into a shape that sort of looks like a bag. After that, smooth the sides as much as you can.

Photo credit Renee Raabe

Hmmm, a politician digging in rubbish?  Something to hide?

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Photo credit Renee Raabe

After a few tries you can add some interesting shapes to the sides to show boxes or whatever straining against the plastic bag.

Try making some garbage piles with two or more bags slumped together.

You can also rip some of them up. Use a sharp pointed instrument, like a tooth pick, poke a hole, and drag the hole as big as you want. Then try to make some shapes in the mess inside the bags.

After all the fun with the bags, I made a cushion and a mattress as well. They are also easy to make. Form the putty into roughly the shape you want, square, rectangle, heart shape…

Use the flat instrument to poke the sides of the cushion near to top. Then find a small tube and press it in a series of regular line across the cushion.

Finally use the flat instrument to press a few streaks into the sides of the circles you pressed with the tube. Sandbags can also be made using the same idea.

I always have several trash bag piles on the go: Whenever I'm puttying bases I use the excess to add another bag or two instead of throwing it away. - G