Robert earned £45
in eM-4 credit


Robot Rebuild
by Robert Provan

The eM-4 robots are a good starting point, but I felt they showed a little too much of their Battlemech ancestry for my taste.

The weapons are all barrel, lacking receivers & magazines/ammo feeds. I also dislike shoulder mounted weapons, preferring weapons mounted at the elbow joint.

Street Tiger II

A profile for the left and right arms was cut from 1mm sheet plastic and built up with scrap plastic until it looked suitably techno.

A gun from the scrap box was cut up to build a new twin barrelled machine gun with a beefier receiver and fitted to the right arm.

For the left arm the missile heads were cut off flush with the launcher and launch tubes were drilled out. I had planned to make new warheads out of sprue but decided the tubes looked good enough.

For the dorsal weapon I cut the barrel off a recoilless rifle and inserted a 5mm plug of epoxy to make the receiver longer. Icut the flash hider off to keep about the same overall length.

The ammo feed to the machine gun was made from masking tape: Thin strips of masking tape were wrapped around this to add detailing and it was superglued into place.

Avenger 500

I didn't like the head on this one, so replaced it with one made from epoxy putty. I added small disks cut from stretched sprue to represent the sensor cluster, and a wire the side. The finised head has a very Manga type look that Iím very pleased with.

I used the left kit arm with the folding stock cut off the weapon and the barrel drilled out. (As an aside I consider the weapon to look more like a grenade launcher than an assault rifle).

The right weapon arm was cut off at the elbow and the elbow shaved down to accept a new gun.

For the first one I used a heavy bolter just because I had it and it looked neat.

I wanted an autocannon for the second robot mostly because they look cool. I made a barrel cluster out of small nails with a thin strip of masking tape front and rear to represent the frame (which also held it together while I applied the glue). A good scrap box should provide any amount of suitable options. for a receiver.

Sentinel Type 37

The only things I changed on these were the arms and weapons. One has twin machine guns as a dedicated anti-infantry unit; The other is a twin recoilless armed tank destroyer.

I made the arms from trapezoidal sprue. The arms were carved up a bit with needle files and fine detail added with small strips and squares of thin sheet plastic.

The machine guns had the barrels replaced with wire and masking tape ammo feeds were again added, although as these were smaller than the street tiger I neglected to add the detailing strips.

The turret look recoilless rifles looked wrong at the elbows so I built new ones using the barrels removed from the machineguns and more trapezoidal sprue (two pieces back to back to make a narrow hexagonal section) these were glued onto the ends of the arms and the joint covered with a piece of sheet plastic to represent the pivot connection.

Police Bomb Robot

By this time I was on a roll with building robots and decided that I needed a bomb squad type robot for my police squad.

The chassis is a 1/300 scale toy tank chassis, the sensors are a small bit of detail from an unknown model kit. To make the manipulator I used undercarriage legs from 3 different model aircraft (1:72 scale) and mounted it on a 20mm ammo drum from a 1:48 scale model. Finally I added an old bolt gun as an assault rifle or auto shotgun.


All robots were undercoated black and dry brushed steel, with a second lighter drybrush of yellow.

Yellow & black danger markings & red danger labels and warning arrows were then added.

The sensors on the Avengers were picked out in white and a Drop of red glaze added to each.

Bases were painted grey, covered with model railroad ballast and the robotís name added: I used a phonetic code and colour combination, Sierra for strike units, Tango for tactical units and Delta for the defensive units.