Man The Barricades!
The Rebel defenders of Valour Road
by Gisby

The Government staged a tax raid on Valour road. A small group of heroes stood in the way.

I wanted something different. Here's what I came up with.
BV & Thorolf

BV is made from 0072 with new hair, his jacket lengthened into a coat. He's been upgunned to an assault rifle with a wire stock.

Thorolf has had the dorky hat & hair replaced and a long coat added.

Without the hat, etc. the figure has a good face and strong jaw.

eM-4  0072 & 0074

base figures 0072 & 0074

eM-4 0031 Chucky

All his 'savage' bits were trimmed away, and any tears in his clothing fixed.

The vest shoulders were cleaned up, and he got new hair.

base figure 0031

Freddy Flamer

I first had to strip off all the 'Savage' bits (loincloth, etc.) & give him trousers & a t-shirt..

His mohawk was replaced with a natty comb-over

base figure 0029

eM-4 0029
eM-4 0030 Stone

A ton of 'savage' bits weres stripped off, requiring a rebuild of his back.

The trouser legs and shoes needed building up too...

He had a certain 'Punisher' look, so I went with it.

base figure 0030

Sapphire Greene

Our lady sniper has had her SMG upgunned to a sniper rifle, and a slight change in hairstyle.

She also has rolled-up sleeves on her camos.

base figure 0075

eM-4 0075
eM-4 0061 Skippy Smooth

His arms were replaced with Plastic trooper arms. - I saved his original arms for another project.

His hat was removed and he got new hair.

base figure 0061

Little Neddy

I replaced his arms with a set of plastic ganger arms.

The pose makes for a dramatic figure, full of action

base figure 0062

eM-4 0062
eM-4 0061 Dick Weed

Like Neddy above, I replaced his arms with a set of plastic ganger arms.

I also removed the drumsticks from his pocket, so I had to rebuild his suspenders.

base figure 0061

Richard Gear

I stripped away his vest & survival equipment, and repaired the holes in his coat & shoes.

Lapels were added to the front of the coat. I think I should have removed his waist belt too. Oh well...

base figure 0046

eM-4 0046