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All Zombies, All the Time
by Arjen Pilon

Violence makes for great TV, especially if it's in your neighbourhood. In the Combat Zone, local television stations flourish.

The WPLA TV building is based on the plasticville television station. I got this kit second hand, and besides some damage to the left wall and the antenna it was pretty much complete.

I superglued the four walls to a cardboard base, scored to look like pavement.

I assembled the building, leaving the doors and roof separate. The roof needed trimming so it could be easily removed at need.

Rather than trying to sand the 'WPLA' call letters off the sign, I made a WLPA logo for the' Weather, Pulp and Learning Association' (everything a TV station needs). I chose a round logo so I could paint it on the round patch on the cameraman's jacket.

I sprayed the roof black, and the building in a glossy cream colour. After this was dry I painted some details and the letters in dark red, painted the pavement in dark grey and dirtied it up with brown ink and black paint.

The door handles were painted metal as well, with white spots on the inside to enhance the glass look.

The inside of the building was still rather bland so I made some simple tables out of artboard positioned to provide some cover and allow models to shoot out the windows. I also added some posters cut from a mail order catalogue.

I assembled the antenna, attached it to a base weighted with lead for extra stability, and sprayed it black.

I drybrushed it gun metal and silver, painted the middle bit in mint green, and gave the base the same treatment as the pavement on the building.

Then I dirtied it up with some brown and black washes, added some lichen and painted the light red.

WPLA News Team

The antenna was originally attached to the building but I kept it loose for more variety. I also considered adding letters to the antenna but it's more versatile without. .

The field crew consists of three persons.

Bash, their jack of all trades. He's the chopper pilot, the van driver, and the bodyguard. I gave Bash rather natural coloured clothing: khaki pants and cap and dark brown details. I also gave him a navy blue shirt and a company body-warmer. Finally I painted his weapons black.

Jessica Turner, the reporter. Jessica was given a pink suit with matching earrings and lip-gloss. Of course her smooth skin is covered in makeup, and she has blonde hair. To finish it off she was given sparkling red shoes

Freddie the cameraman. Freddie was given a plain white T-shirt and blue jeans, and a company body-warmer (dark red). .

I gave the news team some ground transport in the form of a 1:43 VW van. I added a plasticard platform on the roof with a wire mesh railing. I also added an antenna, and a satellite dish made from two thumbtacks and some artboard. To allow people to access the roof I added a ladder from a fire engine model.

I sprayed it black and painted it light khaki, followed by a drybrush with a lighter colour. I added some logos and lettering and painted the rest of the details and it was done.

The news chopper is a 1:60 model of a large chopper by Hongwell/Cararama, but it works fine as a smaller chopper at this scale. I sprayed it black (apart from the blades, which are flexible and don't take spray paint well) and painted it the same dark red as the details on the building, followed by a drybrush with white added to the mix.

I painted the belly white and added a stripe over the body, a company logo to the tail,and lettering on the body. I painted the widows black with metal rims and glossed them.

The chopper blades were drybrushed in metal and coated with Tamiya Smoke, this doesn't chip off and though it's not black, it's good enough for me if it stays on. I dirtied the model with brown wash, and then it was done.

The barbed wire fence comes from cheap toy soldier sets, mounted on cork tile and painted.