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Incident in Sierra City
A multi-player demo game
by John Leahy

The city had been evacuated by order of the local Security services.

Several violent underground disturbances had shaken the area. The town was deserted except for various interested parties each with their own agenda. Reports had started to come into the Police Station that something was VERY wrong at the R&D lab.

This game was run as a participation demo at Warparty 2007 near Cincinnati, Ohio. The scenario required a large number of potential factions, so I happily used some of Bob Rodgers' squad sheets as a basis for several units. I also created some sheets for the Predators, Swat Team, Riot Police and Special Unit 2.

Looking down the table towards the Corporate building.Designed to accomodate up to about a dozen players, it was run with eight players (including my son, Sean.)

Given their choice of which group to play, the players chose Predators, Special Unit 2, Scavengers, Street gang, Swat Team, Police Enforcer team, Police and Umbrella Corp RRT (Rapid Response Team).


Predators - atop of the corporate building.

On the hunt, their objective is to take skulls from the best units on the tabletop. They started at

Special Unit 2 - nside the Supermarket.

Characters based on a Television show about a secret Police Department created to deal with humanity’s monsters. There mission was to eliminate any supernatural opponents that were in play.

Swat - at the Police Station.

One of the best squads in the game. Their objective was to subdue anyone breaking the law and follow any Umbrella Corp instructions.

Scavengers - in a civilian building neat the Supermarket.

This was a large gang that had been waiting for an opportunity to give some payback to Umbrella corp and the local Police. Now was their time!

Umbrella Corp RRT - the opposite end of the table from the Umbrella Building.

The were the best trained and most professional men on the table. The arrived in an APC and were tasked with removing a certain scientist from the city and any danger, using whatever force they deemed necessary.

Police Enforcer Team. - inside the Umbrella Building next to the R&D structure.

This was a small unit but contained a Tiger Enforcer druid. Packing a lot of firepower, they were the first on the scene at the R&D building where the explosion had occurred. They were ordered to maintain security at the R&D building.

Police - in the Police station.

This was the second team to arrive at the R&D building. They were to help the Umbrella Corp units maintain security in Sierra City and follow all Umbrella orders.

Street Scum - In a civilian building near the centre of the table.

Another gang waiting for its chance to wreak havoc.

There were also some umpire controlled forces in the game, mostly the security forces guarding the Umbrella Building.

The game began quickly. An explosion had happened at the R&D building. As the Police Enforcer Team rapidly moved out, the other players started to cautiously exit from their locations.

The Predators gazed out from the top of the Umbrella Building looking for suitable trophies.

The Enforcer team arrived at its destination and opened the damaged door to the facility. Smoke poured out. Various yells and screams were heard emanating from the stairs below.

Suddenly, a group of shambling figures appeared at the doorway. They were Zombies! The chemical being used for a military/corporate experiment had produced devastating results.

The Enforcer team rapidly fell back and turned the Tiger droid against these creatures.

A call was placed to SU 2 and SWAT by the arriving Police squad.

The gangs had moved towards the action. When one gang decided to try and break into the secured Umbrella Corp facility, they were bloodily repulsed by the security forces. The RRT moved towards the location of the missing scientist.

Things began to explode with action near the R&D facility. While the Tiger droid blazed away at the zombies the Predators attacked the rest of the squad.

Losing men to the zombies, the Police began falling back. The Scavenger group and Swat team both moved near the Post Office. Neither team fired since the Zombies were advancing towards them down the main road.

The Enforcer Hero took down one of the Predators, but he and the droid were the only survivors of the squad.

The Zombies began to flood out of the R&D facility. As the remaining Police fell back, SU 2 advanced towards the Zombie threat and eliminated several. The lone Predator searched for a new opponent.

As SU 2 was gradually eliminating the Zombies, Swat and the Scavengers lost several men to the undead horde.

The surviving scavengers loaded into a hotwired vehicle and rammed a zombie, stunning it. They tied it to the hood. (They figured someone would pay for a sample).

The Swat team had been given secondary orders to acquire a biological specimen for Umbrella Corp as was the RRT. The Enforcer hero ran towards the Swat team yelling for assistance. The Swat team was stunned as they were assaulted and rapidly eliminated by the lone predator.

The Scavengers were variously attacked by the predator, zombies and even the RRT. but sped away from this area with their merchandise.

More and more zombies keep appearing from the depths below the R&D facility. Something needed to be done to secure the building and stop the flow of undead.

Unconcerned, the RRT located the scientist and quickly loaded him into the APC, along with a sample zombie for Umbrella.

In true Hero fashion, the Enforcer hero jumped into a vehicle and sped towards the R&D building, jumping out of the car at the last second as it crashed into the entranceway and exploded.

This stopped the flow of zombies long enough for Umbrella to send adequate forces to secure the building. The rest of the game saw the SU 2 squad eliminate any remaining zombies the predator kill another figure while everyone else sped away.

The results

  • The Umbrella RRT easily achieved their objective.
  • Swat was eliminated.
  • The Police were virtually eliminated.
  • The Predator gathered many worthy skulls.
  • The Street Scum were eliminated.
  • SU 2 did a good job of eliminating all zombies out in Sierra city.
  • The Enforcers did stop the zombie flow. The hero also killed a Predator in close combat. Pretty impressive!
  • The Scavengers achieved their objective. They sold the zombie to another Corporation. (A young teenage girl ran the Scavengers. She really should not have survived much less achieved her objective. She played superbly!)

The players really enjoyed the game and the rules. It took about 3 hours to run the game.