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Battlesuits in the Combat Zone
The Ultimate in Personal Protective Armour
by Glen Hayward

A Battlesuit represents the state-of-the-art in modern personal protection, literally turning its wearer into a one man walking tank.

An example of this new ultimate armour is the new Marauder X-15 Battlesuit from the Rockwell-Mikkasa corporation.

The Marauder X-15 is normally equipped with an enhanced sensor package, self repair system and for urban operations either a jump pack or smoke launchers.

Typical weapons load out includes dual mounted assault rifles in one arm and an autocannon in the other, extra firepower is supplied by a dual mounted machine gun mount firing over the suits right hand shoulder.

Other manufacturers are bringing out new suits all the time such as the Futherman Arms Thunderbolt TDS (Tactical Dreadnought Suit) and the AUT Industries 8XV Krisis Battlesuit.

It should be remembered that these suits are very rare in the combat zone and they would only be used by Corp or official forces.

Explorator teams in deep space are know to have access to these suits.

At the current time it is not known if any criminal gangs have them, as separating them from their original pilot is known to be extremely difficult.

Rockwell-Mikkasa Marauder X-15 Battlesuit (120pts plus weapons & equipment)
APs CC Attack Mod CC Wound Mod Attacks Minor Dam Major Dam Critical Dam
As Wearer 3D8 3D8 3 12-14 15-19 20+

A Battlesuit may be equipped with up to three equipment packs, it is always a sealed suit and can smash walls.


May be fitted with a single/dual small arms mounting and either a heavy weapon or a single close combat weapon.


May be fitted with up to pair of single/dual small arms mountings or up to two single or one dual heavy weapon mountings

DAMAGE D6 Roll 1-3: EXO-SKELETON D6 Roll 4-5: REACTOR D6 Roll 6: PILOT
MINOR An arm damaged. It costs 1 extra AP to perform any action using this limb The suits power unit is damaged and the power surge destroys one weapon or piece of equipment (attacker chooses). Sensor and IFF damage causes the pilot to treat all other models as enemy groups. The pilot will attack the nearest group.
MAJOR One random limb is severely damaged. The limb will only work on a D6 roll of 4+. The roll is made at the beginning of each activation, if the limb does not work apply the relevant critical damage result to it below. The suits power unit has suffered major damage. The pilot may only use half of his normal number of action points. The Pilot takes a hit and has been knocked out. The suit can do nothing until the pilot rolls a 6 on a D6 in order to wake up in the compulsory action phase.
CRITICAL One random limb has been destroyed. D6 roll.

1-3 ARM: Any equipment or weapons are destroyed. All close combat attack, and wound modifiers are reduced by 1D6 to a minimum of 1D6. The number of attacks are also reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1.

4-6 LEG: One leg is destroyed. The Battlesuit is now rendered immobile and it may not move apart from turning on the spot for the rest of the battle.

The suits power unit explodes, all models within 5cm of the suit receive an automatic 3D8 wound. The suit is removed from play. A lucky hit kills or puts the pilot out of action. The suit can do nothing and is removed from play



  • A dual weapon system is fired in the same way as its single mounted counterpart, but ROF is doubled and all weapons in the same mounting must fire at the same target.
  • Damage to a dual weapons mount will affect both weapons at the same time.
  • Cost for a dual weapon is twice of its single weapon counterpart.


Battlesuits are exceptionally strong. All walls in a game need to be rated as light, medium, heavy or impregnable.

  • Light walls Cost 2AP to smash
  • Medium walls Cost 4 AP to smash
  • Heavy walls Cost 6AP to smash
  • Impregnable walls Cannot be smashed even by a battlesuit
  • Smashed walls have holes in them large enough to allow passage of the battlesuit and are wide enough to allow up to two-models side-by-side in and out at a time.


  • Battlesuits can not drop down.


Enhanced Sensors (+20pts and 1 equipment pack)

  • +1 to-hit at all ranges
  • No penalty for soft cover (-1 to-hit)
  • No penalties for smoke/darkness
  • +10cm weapon short range
  • +20cm weapon long range

Auto-Repair System (+15pts and 1 equipment pack, only one auto-repair system may be fitted to each Battlesuit)

  • Can repair minor or major damage only
  • At the beginning of a turn a controlling player may elect for the Battlesuit to attempt to automatically repair itself.
  • No initiative dice is rolled for a Battlesuit that is attempting to auto-repair
  • At the end of the turn, choose one damaged system and roll a D6
  • On a 4+ one system with minor damage, or on a 5+ one system with major damage has been repaired
  • If auto-repairing the Battlesuit may do nothing else for the rest of the turn and the systems are at work until the end of the turn.
  • If engaged in close combat the Battlesuit is unable to defend itself. A wound roll is taken automatically.

Smoke Launchers (+2pts and 1 equipment pack per system)

  • Each smoke launcher is fitted with 3 smoke grenades and all three must be fired simultaneously (but in any direction) up to a distance of 20cm. Follow normal procedure for throwing a smoke grenade.
  • It costs 2AP to fire the smoke launcher.

Jump Jets (+40pts and 1 equipment pack per system)

  • Ignore all terrain and obstacle modifiers or for the cost of 5AP a model so equipped can make a single jump of 30cm over low terrain, 15cm over a 1 storey structure or to the top of a 2 storey structure.

Ejection System (+5pts and 1 equipment pack)

  • This allows the pilot to avoid potentially deadly situations by blasting him free of his doomed battlesuit in the event of catastrophic damage on a D6 roll of 4+.
  • The ejector system may be manually activated at a cost of 2APs at any time required or is automatic in the case of a critical damage effect on either the reactor or pilot.
  • A successfully ejected pilot may be placed on the table anywhere within 15cm of the wrecked battlesuit.
  • A battlesuit pilot can wear ablative armour and he may also carry a pistol or SMG sidearm.