Raid on Lildebbi
Scarier than Zombies
by Gisby

The President was dead. The usurper needed a European name, so that the West would treat him seriously. He reached across the desk, and opened the rolodex to the first name. HIS new name.

Edie, Admin.

After years of despotic rule, he sat in his Capitol of Lildebbi, secure and happy.

One day, the natives became restless.......

Edie Admin

The great man himself. The colours of his uniform are based on a pre-WWI French Hussar uniform.

Fearless in combat, he is armed with a heavy pistol.

Surprisingly, in the movie 'Red', Morgan Freeman wore an essentially identical uniform when posing as an officer from another fictional African nation.

An Ingrid

The East German Anarchist group 'Grosser Diwsdag' has been allowed to train their terror Cells in Upipi.

In exchange, they have provided Admin with 4 SMG-armed bodyguards, all named Ingrid.

They may not actually be identical, but who can tell?

The Tubans

The tiny socialist island nation of Tuba likes to meddle in the affairs of Africa.

They have provided a group of 'advisors' who handle training for the Upipi army.

They also provide a solid core for the forces, so Admin keeps them close to hand.

The Upipi Army

The Upipi forces are not well-armed, well-trained, or well-motivated.

They are fielded in six-man squads, suited more for police work than military action.

They are armed with cheap assault rifles or shotguns, light pistols, and batons (+1 in close combat)

There are three such units on hand.

The Natives

Upipi has many tribes, but the two largest are the waPipi and the waPuti. Although they have not tradionally been allies, they share many traits in common.

Both tribes have been disarmed, and both tribes have proud military traditions.

Leaders have been rousing the tribes, and the younger members of the tribes have formed traditional tribal regiments. (20 men)

They have been making spears and shields in the bush, (+1 each in close combat) and quietly gathering around the city. They are whacked out on bhang, so are immune to morale rolls.

waPipi Regiments:

Shaft in the Darkness
Burns like Fire
Makes the Knees to Tremble

waPuti Regiments:

Silent but Deadly
Cracks Like Thunder
Makes the Eyes to Water

The game is simple enough: Set up a town, divide it into 5 sectors. Place a unit in each sector, at least a foot apart.

The native units arrive on any board edge they choose. If you want, you can resurrect the dead when you have a unit's worth!

For a long time we seemed to get a lot of scenarios based around Zombies.

I've never been a fan, so I thought I'd try to make a similar scenario without Zombies.

I have several hundred Darkest Africa natives, Zulus, Ngoni, Azande, etc. and frankly they are plenty scary enough.

Of course it could be taken as racist, (I could have used my Gauls, but they aren't based as singles) so I made sure the other side was African too.

This way everyone can have fun killing each other, as it should be.