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Starting a School Wargames Club
by Robert Provan

My eldest son has been a keen wargamer since age 4...

But itís only since he turned 11 that his friends have started to catch up.

Last year I helped him start a wargames club at his school, loaning out my old 40K figures and scenery.

It was a success but somewhat marred when a dozen or so figures went missing towards the end of the year.

We tried a number of rules sets over the two terms, but the most successful was the CZ zombie hunt I ran on the last day, all the participants declared it the best rules theyíd tried.

This year the club is running again but instead of loaning figures and hoping that the kids will buy their own IĎve made them pay $10 to join the club.

With the money Iíve brought them a 5 man squad each, their choice of troopers or gangers, and purchased a copy of Combat Zone for the school library.

A big thanks to Doug for throwing in an extra sheet of counters to ensure thereís enough to go round the dozen kids in the club.

To kick start them into building scenery I announced a competition, the 5 best pieces on week 3 would each receive one of the robot figures that came with the Combat Zone basic set.

This certainly inspired them and it was a hard fought competition indeed.

After three weeks Iíve taught them the basic rules and they are set to run their own games.

Iíve used all the leave I can spare on the project so from now on my wife will be parent supervisor and they can use the rule book and sort it out for themselves, but I have high hopes.

Of course several of them are my sons' close friends and turn up on weekends to use my scenery collection so Iíll still have plenty of input into the group.