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Ground Pounders
by Andrew Roe

To be perfectly honest when I first opened my pack of plastic troopers I was underwhelmed.

The plastic managed to hide the detailing (but it IS there) and the guns were a bit bland.

So I didnít touch them for months, until recently. I got bored with painting miniatures with guns bigger than their bodies and shouty faces...

Troopers Ref: SFP1

First off I wanted a bit more conventional weaponry. Luckily I had a big pile of unused M4s from another project.

This required my clipping off the guns and hands of the troops with some rather frightening looking pliers and rebuilding their hands with some green stuff.

Whilst doing this I decided to give the chaps some cheeky elbow pads.

With the new weapons in place I gave the young ruffians a quick undercoat, and suddenly became very pleased by the amount of detail they actually have.

The faces in particular really impressed me.

I then decided on my paint scheme which was to be grey fatigues and white armour, so without so much as a nod to the concept of camouflage I dug in.

Troopers Ref: SFP1

I gave their fatigues a base coat of black, then gave progressive highlights of charcoal black (light) and arctic grey.

The armour was first painted black to pick out the recesses then very very, very light grey with white on the raised areas.

The weapons were first painted black with detail picked out in silver

To finish I picked ot the gun sights and eye things with red and painted the visors black.

Troopers Ref: SFP1

Iíve now got some gangers on order and will hopefully bang together enough neíer do well to give these band of highly visible squaddies a run for their money.