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The Forlorn Hope
by René Raap

As factions win or lose territory in the Combat Zone they erect new outpost to defend their borders. This is the story of one of them, the Forlorn Hope.

As of late conflict along Route 42 has flared up again and the Road Marshals were sent in to clear the way for traffic from the big corporations. To achieve this goal outposts were established.

The Forlorn Hope was constructed right in the centre of the conflict and soon gained a terrifying reputation. The outpost was built in an old automobile graveyard alongside the Route.

The Road Marshals set up camp in an old bus. The ground floor was reinforced with corrugated metal with gun slits and is used as a general quarters and resting place. The upper floor is used as a vantage point and is accessible from the inside of the bus via a trapdoor.

The bus is a toy I picked up at a second hand store. First I cut off the roof. I used corrugated paper to cover up the windows and the drivers’ compartment on the ground level. On both sides I made two gun slits for defensive action.

Furthermore I used plasticard to build a wall in the back and the floor for the first level. The wired fences and jeep are also toys. The fences have only been based and painted.

For the bike I used the police bike with the rider from the street bike.

The police bike looks like it belongs to an organized force (like my Road Marshals), while the biker from the street bike has more character.

The flashlight and gunbarrel on the front of the bike were cut off. I also swapped the katana that the biker is holding for a submachinegun and glued the grip from the sword unto the sheath. Now my biker is really able to shoot and scoot!

The jeep got a little more attention. On the back I built a firing position which mounts a .50 cal to give the jeep some firepower.

In combination with the bike it gives my Road Marshals a well armed and fast recon or hit-and-run element.

Another addition to my Road Marshals is a trooper armed with a machinegun. For this I used a regular trooper with beret and assault rifle

I sculpted an ammo bag over the clip of the assault rifle, reinforced the front of the gun, and mounted a bipod.

To give the weapon a real SAW appearance I used the barrel from the sentry and attached it to the front of the rifle. With more ammo, a folding bipod and a longer and bigger barrel this trooper can add some serious firepower to any situation!

For painting I used the same colours as on my earlier Road Marshals, lots of different shades of green. To add some flair I chose red for the colour of the beret.