Another Gallery

0065 Male biker. MAR
Painted by Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton sent us pictures of some of his Gangers.

0065 Male biker, MAR

Below, Savages
0026 Fat boy, Crossbow & Sword (left)

0025 Chain, Knife & Mohican (right)

0026 Savage. Fat boy. Crossbow. Sword 
Painted by Andrew Morton

0025 Savage. Chain. Knife. Mohican
Painted by Andrew Morton

Steven Pack says:

don't know if you are interested in original artwork for the Chronicles, but I have attached a picture I drew of a member of your pre-painted Chequer gang

Based on a figure in
	Chequer Gang Ref: SF06
	Painted by Steven Pack

Space Rangers Ref: SFP4
Painted by Gisby

Space Rangers Ref: SFP4
Painted by GisbyThe first Space Ranger officer has had his pistol arm bent, and his head replaced with a Ganger head. The sideburns give a rather jaunty air.

The second is a normal Ranger with his arms replaced by those of a officer

In both cases, the weapon cables have been replaced with wire.

C.H.U.DC.H.U.D (1884)

A journalist discovers that toxic waste is turning tunnel squatters into the title acronym (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers), and (duh) a government conspiracy is to blame.

It's a cult classic, and better than it sounds. It's even gameable!